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package wiki

import ""


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func AddWikiPage Uses

func AddWikiPage(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository, wikiName, content, message string) error

AddWikiPage adds a new wiki page with a given wikiPath.

func DeleteWikiPage Uses

func DeleteWikiPage(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository, wikiName string) (err error)

DeleteWikiPage deletes a wiki page identified by its path.

func EditWikiPage Uses

func EditWikiPage(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository, oldWikiName, newWikiName, content, message string) error

EditWikiPage updates a wiki page identified by its wikiPath, optionally also changing wikiPath.

func FilenameToName Uses

func FilenameToName(filename string) (string, error)

FilenameToName converts a wiki filename to its corresponding page name.

func InitWiki Uses

func InitWiki(repo *models.Repository) error

InitWiki initializes a wiki for repository, it does nothing when repository already has wiki.

func NameToFilename Uses

func NameToFilename(name string) string

NameToFilename converts a wiki name to its corresponding filename.

func NameToSubURL Uses

func NameToSubURL(name string) string

NameToSubURL converts a wiki name to its corresponding sub-URL.

func NormalizeWikiName Uses

func NormalizeWikiName(name string) string

NormalizeWikiName normalizes a wiki name

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