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package gitea

import ""


Package Files

admin_org.go admin_repo.go admin_user.go attachment.go client.go doc.go fork.go git_hook.go hook.go issue.go issue_comment.go issue_label.go issue_milestone.go issue_tracked_time.go miscellaneous.go org.go org_member.go org_team.go org_type.go pull.go release.go repo.go repo_branch.go repo_collaborator.go repo_commit.go repo_file.go repo_key.go repo_refs.go repo_tag.go repo_tree.go repo_watch.go status.go user.go user_app.go user_email.go user_follow.go user_gpgkey.go user_key.go user_search.go

func BasicAuthEncode Uses

func BasicAuthEncode(user, pass string) string

BasicAuthEncode generate base64 of basic auth head

func ExtractKeysFromMapString Uses

func ExtractKeysFromMapString(in map[string]structs.VisibleType) (keys []string)

ExtractKeysFromMapString provides a slice of keys from map

func NewClientWithHTTP Uses

func NewClientWithHTTP(url string, httpClient *http.Client)

NewClientWithHTTP creates an API client with a custom http client

func Version Uses

func Version() string

Version return the library version

type AccessToken Uses

type AccessToken = structs.AccessToken

AccessToken is equal to structs.AccessToken

type Attachment Uses

type Attachment = structs.Attachment

Attachment is equal to structs.Attachment

type Branch Uses

type Branch = structs.Branch

Branch is equal to structs.Branch

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client represents a Gogs API client.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(url, token string) *Client

NewClient initializes and returns a API client.

func (*Client) AddCollaborator Uses

func (c *Client) AddCollaborator(user, repo, collaborator string, opt structs.AddCollaboratorOption) error

AddCollaborator add some user as a collaborator of a repository

func (*Client) AddEmail Uses

func (c *Client) AddEmail(opt structs.CreateEmailOption) ([]*Email, error)

AddEmail add one email to current user with options

func (*Client) AddIssueLabels Uses

func (c *Client) AddIssueLabels(owner, repo string, index int64, opt structs.IssueLabelsOption) ([]*Label, error)

AddIssueLabels add one or more labels to one issue

func (*Client) AddOrgMembership Uses

func (c *Client) AddOrgMembership(org, user string, opt structs.AddOrgMembershipOption) error

AddOrgMembership add some one to an organization's member

func (*Client) AddTeamMember Uses

func (c *Client) AddTeamMember(id int64, user string) error

AddTeamMember adds a member to a team

func (*Client) AddTeamRepository Uses

func (c *Client) AddTeamRepository(id int64, org, repo string) error

AddTeamRepository adds a repository to a team

func (*Client) AddTime Uses

func (c *Client) AddTime(owner, repo string, index int64, opt structs.AddTimeOption) (*TrackedTime, error)

AddTime adds time to issue with the given index

func (*Client) AdminCreateOrg Uses

func (c *Client) AdminCreateOrg(user string, opt structs.CreateOrgOption) (*Organization, error)

AdminCreateOrg create an organization

func (*Client) AdminCreateRepo Uses

func (c *Client) AdminCreateRepo(user string, opt CreateRepoOption) (*Repository, error)

AdminCreateRepo create a repo

func (*Client) AdminCreateUser Uses

func (c *Client) AdminCreateUser(opt structs.CreateUserOption) (*User, error)

AdminCreateUser create a user

func (*Client) AdminCreateUserPublicKey Uses

func (c *Client) AdminCreateUserPublicKey(user string, opt structs.CreateKeyOption) (*PublicKey, error)

AdminCreateUserPublicKey adds a public key for the user

func (*Client) AdminDeleteUser Uses

func (c *Client) AdminDeleteUser(user string) error

AdminDeleteUser delete one user according name

func (*Client) AdminDeleteUserPublicKey Uses

func (c *Client) AdminDeleteUserPublicKey(user string, keyID int) error

AdminDeleteUserPublicKey deletes a user's public key

func (*Client) AdminEditUser Uses

func (c *Client) AdminEditUser(user string, opt structs.EditUserOption) error

AdminEditUser modify user informations

func (*Client) AdminListOrgs Uses

func (c *Client) AdminListOrgs() ([]*Organization, error)

AdminListOrgs lists all orgs

func (*Client) AdminListUsers Uses

func (c *Client) AdminListUsers() ([]*User, error)

AdminListUsers lists all users

func (*Client) ClearIssueLabels Uses

func (c *Client) ClearIssueLabels(owner, repo string, index int64) error

ClearIssueLabels delete all the labels of one issue.

func (*Client) CreateAccessToken Uses

func (c *Client) CreateAccessToken(user, pass string, opt structs.CreateAccessTokenOption) (*AccessToken, error)

CreateAccessToken create one access token with options

func (*Client) CreateDeployKey Uses

func (c *Client) CreateDeployKey(user, repo string, opt structs.CreateKeyOption) (*DeployKey, error)

CreateDeployKey options when create one deploy key

func (*Client) CreateFork Uses

func (c *Client) CreateFork(user, repo string, form structs.CreateForkOption) (*Repository, error)

CreateFork create a fork of a repository

func (*Client) CreateGPGKey Uses

func (c *Client) CreateGPGKey(opt structs.CreateGPGKeyOption) (*GPGKey, error)

CreateGPGKey create GPG key with options

func (*Client) CreateIssue Uses

func (c *Client) CreateIssue(owner, repo string, opt structs.CreateIssueOption) (*Issue, error)

CreateIssue create a new issue for a given repository

func (*Client) CreateIssueComment Uses

func (c *Client) CreateIssueComment(owner, repo string, index int64, opt structs.CreateIssueCommentOption) (*Comment, error)

CreateIssueComment create comment on an issue.

func (*Client) CreateLabel Uses

func (c *Client) CreateLabel(owner, repo string, opt structs.CreateLabelOption) (*Label, error)

CreateLabel create one label of repository

func (*Client) CreateMilestone Uses

func (c *Client) CreateMilestone(owner, repo string, opt structs.CreateMilestoneOption) (*Milestone, error)

CreateMilestone create one milestone with options

func (*Client) CreateOrg Uses

func (c *Client) CreateOrg(opt structs.CreateOrgOption) (*Organization, error)

CreateOrg creates an organization

func (*Client) CreateOrgHook Uses

func (c *Client) CreateOrgHook(org string, opt structs.CreateHookOption) (*Hook, error)

CreateOrgHook create one hook for an organization, with options

func (*Client) CreateOrgRepo Uses

func (c *Client) CreateOrgRepo(org string, opt CreateRepoOption) (*Repository, error)

CreateOrgRepo creates an organization repository for authenticated user.

func (*Client) CreatePublicKey Uses

func (c *Client) CreatePublicKey(opt structs.CreateKeyOption) (*PublicKey, error)

CreatePublicKey create public key with options

func (*Client) CreatePullRequest Uses

func (c *Client) CreatePullRequest(owner, repo string, opt structs.CreatePullRequestOption) (*PullRequest, error)

CreatePullRequest create pull request with options

func (*Client) CreateRelease Uses

func (c *Client) CreateRelease(user, repo string, form structs.CreateReleaseOption) (*Release, error)

CreateRelease create a release

func (*Client) CreateReleaseAttachment Uses

func (c *Client) CreateReleaseAttachment(user, repo string, release int64, file io.Reader, filename string) (*Attachment, error)

CreateReleaseAttachment creates an attachment for the given release

func (*Client) CreateRepo Uses

func (c *Client) CreateRepo(opt CreateRepoOption) (*Repository, error)

CreateRepo creates a repository for authenticated user.

func (*Client) CreateRepoHook Uses

func (c *Client) CreateRepoHook(user, repo string, opt structs.CreateHookOption) (*Hook, error)

CreateRepoHook create one hook for a repository, with options

func (*Client) CreateStatus Uses

func (c *Client) CreateStatus(owner, repo, sha string, opts structs.CreateStatusOption) (*Status, error)

CreateStatus creates a new Status for a given Commit

POST /repos/:owner/:repo/statuses/:sha

func (*Client) CreateTeam Uses

func (c *Client) CreateTeam(org string, opt structs.CreateTeamOption) (*Team, error)

CreateTeam creates a team for an organization

func (*Client) DeleteAccessToken Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteAccessToken(user string, keyID int64) error

DeleteAccessToken delete token with key id

func (*Client) DeleteCollaborator Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteCollaborator(user, repo, collaborator string) error

DeleteCollaborator remove a collaborator from a repository

func (*Client) DeleteDeployKey Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteDeployKey(owner, repo string, keyID int64) error

DeleteDeployKey delete deploy key with key id

func (*Client) DeleteEmail Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteEmail(opt structs.DeleteEmailOption) error

DeleteEmail delete one email of current users'

func (*Client) DeleteGPGKey Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteGPGKey(keyID int64) error

DeleteGPGKey delete GPG key with key id

func (*Client) DeleteIssueComment Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteIssueComment(owner, repo string, commentID int64) error

DeleteIssueComment deletes an issue comment.

func (*Client) DeleteIssueLabel Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteIssueLabel(owner, repo string, index, label int64) error

DeleteIssueLabel delete one label of one issue by issue id and label id TODO: maybe we need delete by label name and issue id

func (*Client) DeleteLabel Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteLabel(owner, repo string, id int64) error

DeleteLabel delete one label of repository by id TODO: maybe we need delete by name

func (*Client) DeleteMilestone Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteMilestone(owner, repo string, id int64) error

DeleteMilestone delete one milestone by milestone id

func (*Client) DeleteOrg Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteOrg(orgname string) error

DeleteOrg deletes an organization

func (*Client) DeleteOrgHook Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteOrgHook(org string, id int64) error

DeleteOrgHook delete one hook from an organization, with hook id

func (*Client) DeletePublicKey Uses

func (c *Client) DeletePublicKey(keyID int64) error

DeletePublicKey delete public key with key id

func (*Client) DeleteRelease Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteRelease(user, repo string, id int64) error

DeleteRelease delete a release from a repository

func (*Client) DeleteReleaseAttachment Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteReleaseAttachment(user, repo string, release int64, id int64) error

DeleteReleaseAttachment deletes the given attachment including the uploaded file

func (*Client) DeleteRepo Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteRepo(owner, repo string) error

DeleteRepo deletes a repository of user or organization.

func (*Client) DeleteRepoGitHook Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteRepoGitHook(user, repo, id string) error

DeleteRepoGitHook delete one Git hook from a repository

func (*Client) DeleteRepoHook Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteRepoHook(user, repo string, id int64) error

DeleteRepoHook delete one hook from a repository, with hook id

func (*Client) DeleteTeam Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteTeam(id int64) error

DeleteTeam deletes a team of an organization

func (*Client) EditIssue Uses

func (c *Client) EditIssue(owner, repo string, index int64, opt structs.EditIssueOption) (*Issue, error)

EditIssue modify an existing issue for a given repository

func (*Client) EditIssueComment Uses

func (c *Client) EditIssueComment(owner, repo string, commentID int64, opt structs.EditIssueCommentOption) (*Comment, error)

EditIssueComment edits an issue comment.

func (*Client) EditLabel Uses

func (c *Client) EditLabel(owner, repo string, id int64, opt structs.EditLabelOption) (*Label, error)

EditLabel modify one label with options

func (*Client) EditMilestone Uses

func (c *Client) EditMilestone(owner, repo string, id int64, opt structs.EditMilestoneOption) (*Milestone, error)

EditMilestone modify milestone with options

func (*Client) EditOrg Uses

func (c *Client) EditOrg(orgname string, opt structs.EditOrgOption) error

EditOrg modify one organization via options

func (*Client) EditOrgHook Uses

func (c *Client) EditOrgHook(org string, id int64, opt structs.EditHookOption) error

EditOrgHook modify one hook of an organization, with hook id and options

func (*Client) EditPullRequest Uses

func (c *Client) EditPullRequest(owner, repo string, index int64, opt structs.EditPullRequestOption) (*PullRequest, error)

EditPullRequest modify pull request with PR id and options

func (*Client) EditRelease Uses

func (c *Client) EditRelease(user, repo string, id int64, form structs.EditReleaseOption) (*Release, error)

EditRelease edit a release

func (*Client) EditReleaseAttachment Uses

func (c *Client) EditReleaseAttachment(user, repo string, release int64, attachment int64, form structs.EditAttachmentOptions) (*Attachment, error)

EditReleaseAttachment updates the given attachment with the given options

func (*Client) EditRepo Uses

func (c *Client) EditRepo(owner, reponame string, opt structs.EditRepoOption) (*Repository, error)

EditRepo edit the properties of a repository

func (*Client) EditRepoGitHook Uses

func (c *Client) EditRepoGitHook(user, repo, id string, opt structs.EditGitHookOption) error

EditRepoGitHook modify one Git hook of a repository

func (*Client) EditRepoHook Uses

func (c *Client) EditRepoHook(user, repo string, id int64, opt structs.EditHookOption) error

EditRepoHook modify one hook of a repository, with hook id and options

func (*Client) EditTeam Uses

func (c *Client) EditTeam(id int64, opt structs.EditTeamOption) error

EditTeam edits a team of an organization

func (*Client) Follow Uses

func (c *Client) Follow(target string) error

Follow set current user follow the target

func (*Client) GetCombinedStatus Uses

func (c *Client) GetCombinedStatus(owner, repo, sha string) (*structs.CombinedStatus, error)

GetCombinedStatus returns the CombinedStatus for a given Commit

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/commits/:ref/status

func (*Client) GetDeployKey Uses

func (c *Client) GetDeployKey(user, repo string, keyID int64) (*DeployKey, error)

GetDeployKey get one deploy key with key id

func (*Client) GetFile Uses

func (c *Client) GetFile(user, repo, ref, tree string) ([]byte, error)

GetFile downloads a file of repository, ref can be branch/tag/commit. e.g.: ref -> master, tree -> macaron.go(no leading slash)

func (*Client) GetGPGKey Uses

func (c *Client) GetGPGKey(keyID int64) (*GPGKey, error)

GetGPGKey get current user's GPG key by key id

func (*Client) GetIssue Uses

func (c *Client) GetIssue(owner, repo string, index int64) (*Issue, error)

GetIssue returns a single issue for a given repository

func (*Client) GetIssueLabels Uses

func (c *Client) GetIssueLabels(owner, repo string, index int64) ([]*Label, error)

GetIssueLabels get labels of one issue via issue id

func (*Client) GetMilestone Uses

func (c *Client) GetMilestone(owner, repo string, id int64) (*Milestone, error)

GetMilestone get one milestone by repo name and milestone id

func (*Client) GetMyTrackedTimes Uses

func (c *Client) GetMyTrackedTimes() (TrackedTimes, error)

GetMyTrackedTimes list tracked times of the current user

func (*Client) GetMyUserInfo Uses

func (c *Client) GetMyUserInfo() (*User, error)

GetMyUserInfo get user info of current user

func (*Client) GetOrg Uses

func (c *Client) GetOrg(orgname string) (*Organization, error)

GetOrg get one organization by name

func (*Client) GetOrgHook Uses

func (c *Client) GetOrgHook(org string, id int64) (*Hook, error)

GetOrgHook get a hook of an organization

func (*Client) GetPublicKey Uses

func (c *Client) GetPublicKey(keyID int64) (*PublicKey, error)

GetPublicKey get current user's public key by key id

func (*Client) GetPullRequest Uses

func (c *Client) GetPullRequest(owner, repo string, index int64) (*PullRequest, error)

GetPullRequest get information of one PR

func (*Client) GetRelease Uses

func (c *Client) GetRelease(user, repo string, id int64) (*Release, error)

GetRelease get a release of a repository

func (*Client) GetReleaseAttachment Uses

func (c *Client) GetReleaseAttachment(user, repo string, release int64, id int64) (*Attachment, error)

GetReleaseAttachment returns the requested attachment

func (*Client) GetRepo Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepo(owner, reponame string) (*Repository, error)

GetRepo returns information of a repository of given owner.

func (*Client) GetRepoBranch Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepoBranch(user, repo, branch string) (*Branch, error)

GetRepoBranch get one branch's information of one repository

func (*Client) GetRepoGitHook Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepoGitHook(user, repo, id string) (*GitHook, error)

GetRepoGitHook get a Git hook of a repository

func (*Client) GetRepoHook Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepoHook(user, repo string, id int64) (*Hook, error)

GetRepoHook get a hook of a repository

func (*Client) GetRepoLabel Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepoLabel(owner, repo string, id int64) (*Label, error)

GetRepoLabel get one label of repository by repo it TODO: maybe we need get a label by name

func (*Client) GetRepoRef Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepoRef(user, repo, ref string) (*Reference, error)

GetRepoRef get one ref's information of one repository

func (*Client) GetRepoRefs Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepoRefs(user, repo, ref string) ([]*Reference, error)

GetRepoRefs get list of ref's information of one repository

func (*Client) GetRepoTrackedTimes Uses

func (c *Client) GetRepoTrackedTimes(owner, repo string) (TrackedTimes, error)

GetRepoTrackedTimes list tracked times of a repository

func (*Client) GetSingleCommit Uses

func (c *Client) GetSingleCommit(user, repo, commitID string) (*Commit, error)

GetSingleCommit returns a single commit

func (*Client) GetTeam Uses

func (c *Client) GetTeam(id int64) (*Team, error)

GetTeam gets a team by ID

func (*Client) GetTeamMember Uses

func (c *Client) GetTeamMember(id int64, user string) (*User, error)

GetTeamMember gets a member of a team

func (*Client) GetTrees Uses

func (c *Client) GetTrees(user, repo, ref string, recursive bool) (*structs.GitTreeResponse, error)

GetTrees downloads a file of repository, ref can be branch/tag/commit. e.g.: ref -> master, tree -> macaron.go(no leading slash)

func (*Client) GetUserInfo Uses

func (c *Client) GetUserInfo(user string) (*User, error)

GetUserInfo get user info by user's name

func (*Client) GetUserTrackedTimes Uses

func (c *Client) GetUserTrackedTimes(owner, repo, user string) (TrackedTimes, error)

GetUserTrackedTimes list tracked times of a user

func (*Client) GetWatchedRepos Uses

func (c *Client) GetWatchedRepos(user, pass string) ([]*Repository, error)

GetWatchedRepos list all the watched repos of user

func (*Client) IsCollaborator Uses

func (c *Client) IsCollaborator(user, repo, collaborator string) (bool, error)

IsCollaborator check if a user is a collaborator of a repository

func (*Client) IsFollowing Uses

func (c *Client) IsFollowing(target string) bool

IsFollowing if current user followed the target

func (*Client) IsPullRequestMerged Uses

func (c *Client) IsPullRequestMerged(owner, repo string, index int64) (bool, error)

IsPullRequestMerged test if one PR is merged to one repository

func (*Client) IsUserFollowing Uses

func (c *Client) IsUserFollowing(user, target string) bool

IsUserFollowing if the user followed the target

func (*Client) ListAccessTokens Uses

func (c *Client) ListAccessTokens(user, pass string) ([]*AccessToken, error)

ListAccessTokens lista all the access tokens of user

func (*Client) ListCollaborators Uses

func (c *Client) ListCollaborators(user, repo string) ([]*User, error)

ListCollaborators list a repository's collaborators

func (*Client) ListDeployKeys Uses

func (c *Client) ListDeployKeys(user, repo string) ([]*DeployKey, error)

ListDeployKeys list all the deploy keys of one repository

func (*Client) ListEmails Uses

func (c *Client) ListEmails() ([]*Email, error)

ListEmails all the email addresses of user

func (*Client) ListFollowers Uses

func (c *Client) ListFollowers(user string, page int) ([]*User, error)

ListFollowers list all the followers of one user

func (*Client) ListFollowing Uses

func (c *Client) ListFollowing(user string, page int) ([]*User, error)

ListFollowing list all the users the user followed

func (*Client) ListForks Uses

func (c *Client) ListForks(user, repo string) ([]*Repository, error)

ListForks list a repository's forks

func (*Client) ListGPGKeys Uses

func (c *Client) ListGPGKeys(user string) ([]*GPGKey, error)

ListGPGKeys list all the GPG keys of the user

func (*Client) ListIssueComments Uses

func (c *Client) ListIssueComments(owner, repo string, index int64) ([]*Comment, error)

ListIssueComments list comments on an issue.

func (*Client) ListIssues Uses

func (c *Client) ListIssues(opt structs.ListIssueOption) ([]*Issue, error)

ListIssues returns all issues assigned the authenticated user

func (*Client) ListMyFollowers Uses

func (c *Client) ListMyFollowers(page int) ([]*User, error)

ListMyFollowers list all the followers of current user

func (*Client) ListMyFollowing Uses

func (c *Client) ListMyFollowing(page int) ([]*User, error)

ListMyFollowing list all the users current user followed

func (*Client) ListMyGPGKeys Uses

func (c *Client) ListMyGPGKeys() ([]*GPGKey, error)

ListMyGPGKeys list all the GPG keys of current user

func (*Client) ListMyOrgs Uses

func (c *Client) ListMyOrgs() ([]*Organization, error)

ListMyOrgs list all of current user's organizations

func (*Client) ListMyPublicKeys Uses

func (c *Client) ListMyPublicKeys() ([]*PublicKey, error)

ListMyPublicKeys list all the public keys of current user

func (*Client) ListMyRepos Uses

func (c *Client) ListMyRepos() ([]*Repository, error)

ListMyRepos lists all repositories for the authenticated user that has access to.

func (*Client) ListMyTeams Uses

func (c *Client) ListMyTeams() ([]*Team, error)

ListMyTeams lists all the teams of the current user

func (*Client) ListOrgHooks Uses

func (c *Client) ListOrgHooks(org string) (HookList, error)

ListOrgHooks list all the hooks of one organization

func (*Client) ListOrgRepos Uses

func (c *Client) ListOrgRepos(org string) ([]*Repository, error)

ListOrgRepos list all repositories of one organization by organization's name

func (*Client) ListOrgTeams Uses

func (c *Client) ListOrgTeams(org string) ([]*Team, error)

ListOrgTeams lists all teams of an organization

func (*Client) ListPublicKeys Uses

func (c *Client) ListPublicKeys(user string) ([]*PublicKey, error)

ListPublicKeys list all the public keys of the user

func (*Client) ListReleaseAttachments Uses

func (c *Client) ListReleaseAttachments(user, repo string, release int64) ([]*Attachment, error)

ListReleaseAttachments list release's attachments

func (*Client) ListReleases Uses

func (c *Client) ListReleases(user, repo string) ([]*Release, error)

ListReleases list releases of a repository

func (*Client) ListRepoBranches Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoBranches(user, repo string) ([]*Branch, error)

ListRepoBranches list all the branches of one repository

func (*Client) ListRepoGitHooks Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoGitHooks(user, repo string) (GitHookList, error)

ListRepoGitHooks list all the Git hooks of one repository

func (*Client) ListRepoHooks Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoHooks(user, repo string) (HookList, error)

ListRepoHooks list all the hooks of one repository

func (*Client) ListRepoIssueComments Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoIssueComments(owner, repo string) ([]*Comment, error)

ListRepoIssueComments list comments for a given repo.

func (*Client) ListRepoIssues Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoIssues(owner, repo string, opt structs.ListIssueOption) ([]*Issue, error)

ListRepoIssues returns all issues for a given repository

func (*Client) ListRepoLabels Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoLabels(owner, repo string) ([]*Label, error)

ListRepoLabels list labels of one repository

func (*Client) ListRepoMilestones Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoMilestones(owner, repo string) ([]*Milestone, error)

ListRepoMilestones list all the milestones of one repository

func (*Client) ListRepoPullRequests Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoPullRequests(owner, repo string, opt structs.ListPullRequestsOptions) ([]*PullRequest, error)

ListRepoPullRequests list PRs of one repository

func (*Client) ListRepoTags Uses

func (c *Client) ListRepoTags(user, repo string) ([]*Tag, error)

ListRepoTags list all the branches of one repository

func (*Client) ListStatuses Uses

func (c *Client) ListStatuses(owner, repo, sha string, opts structs.ListStatusesOption) ([]*Status, error)

ListStatuses returns all statuses for a given Commit

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/commits/:ref/statuses

func (*Client) ListTeamMembers Uses

func (c *Client) ListTeamMembers(id int64) ([]*User, error)

ListTeamMembers lists all members of a team

func (*Client) ListTeamRepositories Uses

func (c *Client) ListTeamRepositories(id int64) ([]*Repository, error)

ListTeamRepositories lists all repositories of a team

func (*Client) ListTrackedTimes Uses

func (c *Client) ListTrackedTimes(owner, repo string, index int64) (TrackedTimes, error)

ListTrackedTimes get tracked times of one issue via issue id

func (*Client) ListUserIssues Uses

func (c *Client) ListUserIssues(opt structs.ListIssueOption) ([]*Issue, error)

ListUserIssues returns all issues assigned to the authenticated user

func (*Client) ListUserOrgs Uses

func (c *Client) ListUserOrgs(user string) ([]*Organization, error)

ListUserOrgs list all of some user's organizations

func (*Client) ListUserRepos Uses

func (c *Client) ListUserRepos(user string) ([]*Repository, error)

ListUserRepos list all repositories of one user by user's name

func (*Client) MergePullRequest Uses

func (c *Client) MergePullRequest(owner, repo string, index int64) error

MergePullRequest merge a PR to repository by PR id

func (*Client) MigrateRepo Uses

func (c *Client) MigrateRepo(opt structs.MigrateRepoOption) (*Repository, error)

MigrateRepo migrates a repository from other Git hosting sources for the authenticated user.

To migrate a repository for a organization, the authenticated user must be a owner of the specified organization.

func (*Client) MirrorSync Uses

func (c *Client) MirrorSync(owner, repo string) error

MirrorSync adds a mirrored repository to the mirror sync queue.

func (*Client) RemoveTeamMember Uses

func (c *Client) RemoveTeamMember(id int64, user string) error

RemoveTeamMember removes a member from a team

func (*Client) RemoveTeamRepository Uses

func (c *Client) RemoveTeamRepository(id int64, org, repo string) error

RemoveTeamRepository removes a repository from a team

func (*Client) ReplaceIssueLabels Uses

func (c *Client) ReplaceIssueLabels(owner, repo string, index int64, opt structs.IssueLabelsOption) ([]*Label, error)

ReplaceIssueLabels replace old labels of issue with new labels

func (*Client) SearchUsers Uses

func (c *Client) SearchUsers(query string, limit int) ([]*User, error)

SearchUsers finds users by query

func (*Client) ServerVersion Uses

func (c *Client) ServerVersion() (string, error)

ServerVersion returns the version of the server

func (*Client) SetHTTPClient Uses

func (c *Client) SetHTTPClient(client *http.Client)

SetHTTPClient replaces default http.Client with user given one.

func (*Client) SetSudo Uses

func (c *Client) SetSudo(sudo string)

SetSudo sets username to impersonate.

func (*Client) StartIssueStopWatch Uses

func (c *Client) StartIssueStopWatch(owner, repo string, index int64) error

StartIssueStopWatch starts a stopwatch for an existing issue for a given repository

func (*Client) StopIssueStopWatch Uses

func (c *Client) StopIssueStopWatch(owner, repo string, index int64) error

StopIssueStopWatch stops an existing stopwatch for an issue in a given repository

func (*Client) UnWatchRepo Uses

func (c *Client) UnWatchRepo(user, pass, repoUser, repoName string) (int, error)

UnWatchRepo start to watch a repository

func (*Client) Unfollow Uses

func (c *Client) Unfollow(target string) error

Unfollow set current user unfollow the target

func (*Client) WatchRepo Uses

func (c *Client) WatchRepo(user, pass, repoUser, repoName string) (*WatchInfo, error)

WatchRepo start to watch a repository

type Comment Uses

type Comment = structs.Comment

Comment is equal to structs.Comment

type Commit Uses

type Commit = structs.Commit

Commit is equal to structs.Commit

type CreateRepoOption Uses

type CreateRepoOption = structs.CreateRepoOption

CreateRepoOption is equal to structs.CreateRepoOption

type DeployKey Uses

type DeployKey = structs.DeployKey

DeployKey is equal to structs.DeployKey

type Email Uses

type Email = structs.Email

Email is equal to structs.Email

type GPGKey Uses

type GPGKey = structs.GPGKey

GPGKey is equal to structs.GPGKey

type GitHook Uses

type GitHook = structs.GitHook

GitHook is equal to structs.GitHook

type GitHookList Uses

type GitHookList = structs.GitHookList

GitHookList is equal to structs.GitHookList

type Hook Uses

type Hook = structs.Hook

Hook is equal to structs.Hook

type HookList Uses

type HookList = structs.HookList

HookList is equal to structs.HookList

type Issue Uses

type Issue = structs.Issue

Issue is equal to structs.Issue

type Label Uses

type Label = structs.Label

Label is equal to structs.Label

type Milestone Uses

type Milestone = structs.Milestone

Milestone is equal to structs.Milestone

type Organization Uses

type Organization = structs.Organization

Organization is equal to structs.Organization

type PublicKey Uses

type PublicKey = structs.PublicKey

PublicKey is equal to structs.PublicKey

type PullRequest Uses

type PullRequest = structs.PullRequest

PullRequest is equal to structs.PullRequest

type PullRequestMeta Uses

type PullRequestMeta = structs.PullRequestMeta

PullRequestMeta is equal to structs.PullRequestMeta

type Reference Uses

type Reference = structs.Reference

Reference is equal to structs.Reference

type Release Uses

type Release = structs.Release

Release is equal to structs.Release

type Repository Uses

type Repository = structs.Repository

Repository is equal to structs.Repository

type Status Uses

type Status = structs.Status

Status is equal to structs.Status

type Tag Uses

type Tag = structs.Tag

Tag is equal to structs.Tag

type Team Uses

type Team = structs.Team

Team is equal to structs.Team

type TrackedTime Uses

type TrackedTime = structs.TrackedTime

TrackedTime is equal to structs.TrackedTime

type TrackedTimes Uses

type TrackedTimes = structs.TrackedTimes

TrackedTimes is equal to structs.TrackedTimes

type User Uses

type User = structs.User

User is equal to structs.User

type WatchInfo Uses

type WatchInfo = structs.WatchInfo

WatchInfo is equal to structs.WatchInfo

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