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package sha1

import "crypto/sha1"

Package sha1 implements the SHA-1 hash algorithm as defined in RFC 3174.

SHA-1 is cryptographically broken and should not be used for secure applications.



Package Files

sha1.go sha1block.go sha1block_amd64.go


const BlockSize = 64

The blocksize of SHA-1 in bytes.

const Size = 20

The size of a SHA-1 checksum in bytes.

func New Uses

func New() hash.Hash

New returns a new hash.Hash computing the SHA1 checksum. The Hash also implements encoding.BinaryMarshaler and encoding.BinaryUnmarshaler to marshal and unmarshal the internal state of the hash.


h := sha1.New()
io.WriteString(h, "His money is twice tainted:")
io.WriteString(h, " 'taint yours and 'taint mine.")
fmt.Printf("% x", h.Sum(nil))


59 7f 6a 54 00 10 f9 4c 15 d7 18 06 a9 9a 2c 87 10 e7 47 bd


f, err := os.Open("file.txt")
if err != nil {
defer f.Close()

h := sha1.New()
if _, err := io.Copy(h, f); err != nil {

fmt.Printf("% x", h.Sum(nil))

func Sum Uses

func Sum(data []byte) [Size]byte

Sum returns the SHA-1 checksum of the data.


data := []byte("This page intentionally left blank.")
fmt.Printf("% x", sha1.Sum(data))


af 06 49 23 bb f2 30 15 96 aa c4 c2 73 ba 32 17 8e bc 4a 96

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