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package openapi

import "cuelang.org/go/encoding/openapi"

Package openapi provides functionality for mapping CUE to and from OpenAPI v3.0.0.

It currently handles OpenAPI Schema components only.

See https://github.com/OAI/OpenAPI-Specification/blob/master/versions/3.0.0.md#schemaObject.


Package Files

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func Extract Uses

func Extract(data *cue.Instance, c *Config) (*ast.File, error)

Extract converts OpenAPI definitions to an equivalent CUE representation.

It currently only converts entries in #/components/schema and extracts some meta data.

func Gen Uses

func Gen(inst *cue.Instance, c *Config) ([]byte, error)

Gen generates the set OpenAPI schema for all top-level types of the given instance.

func Generate Uses

func Generate(inst *cue.Instance, c *Config) (*ast.File, error)

Generate generates the set of OpenAPI schema for all top-level types of the given instance.

Note: only a limited number of top-level types are supported so far.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // PkgName defines to package name for a generated CUE package.
    PkgName string

    // Info specifies the info section of the OpenAPI document. To be a valid
    // OpenAPI document, it must include at least the title and version fields.
    // Info may be a *ast.StructLit or any type that marshals to JSON.
    Info interface{}

    // ReferenceFunc allows users to specify an alternative representation
    // for references. An empty string tells the generator to expand the type
    // in place and, if applicable, not generate a schema for that entity.
    ReferenceFunc func(inst *cue.Instance, path []string) string

    // DescriptionFunc allows rewriting a description associated with a certain
    // field. A typical implementation compiles the description from the
    // comments obtains from the Doc method. No description field is added if
    // the empty string is returned.
    DescriptionFunc func(v cue.Value) string

    // SelfContained causes all non-expanded external references to be included
    // in this document.
    SelfContained bool

    // OpenAPI version to use. Supported as of v3.0.0.
    Version string

    // FieldFilter defines a regular expression of all fields to omit from the
    // output. It is only allowed to filter fields that add additional
    // constraints. Fields that indicate basic types cannot be removed. It is
    // an error for such fields to be excluded by this filter.
    // Fields are qualified by their Object type. For instance, the
    // minimum field of the schema object is qualified as Schema/minimum.
    FieldFilter string

    // ExpandReferences replaces references with actual objects when generating
    // OpenAPI Schema. It is an error for an CUE value to refer to itself
    // if this option is used.
    ExpandReferences bool

A Config defines options for converting CUE to and from OpenAPI.

type Generator Uses

type Generator = Config

func (*Generator) All Uses

func (g *Generator) All(inst *cue.Instance) (*OrderedMap, error)

All generates an OpenAPI definition from the given instance.

Note: only a limited number of top-level types are supported so far. Deprecated: use Generate

func (*Generator) Schemas Uses

func (g *Generator) Schemas(inst *cue.Instance) (*OrderedMap, error)

Schemas extracts component/schemas from the CUE top-level types.

type KeyValue Uses

type KeyValue struct {
    Key   string
    Value interface{}

KeyValue associates a value with a key.

type OrderedMap Uses

type OrderedMap ast.StructLit

An OrderedMap is a set of key-value pairs that preserves the order in which items were added. It marshals to JSON as an object.

Deprecated: the API now returns an ast.File. This allows OpenAPI to be represented as JSON, YAML, or CUE data, in addition to being able to use all the ast-related tooling.

func (*OrderedMap) MarshalJSON Uses

func (m *OrderedMap) MarshalJSON() (b []byte, err error)

MarshalJSON implements json.Marshaler.

func (*OrderedMap) Pairs Uses

func (m *OrderedMap) Pairs() []KeyValue

Pairs returns the KeyValue pairs associated with m.

func (*OrderedMap) Set Uses

func (m *OrderedMap) Set(key string, x interface{})

Set sets a key value pair. If a pair with the same key already existed, it will be replaced with the new value. Otherwise, the new value is added to the end. The value must be of type string, ast.Expr, or *OrderedMap.

Deprecated: use cuelang.org/go/cue/ast to manipulate ASTs.

func (*OrderedMap) SetAll Uses

func (m *OrderedMap) SetAll(kvs []KeyValue)

SetAll replaces existing key-value pairs with the given ones. The keys must be unique.

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