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package filetypes

import "cuelang.org/go/internal/filetypes"


Package Files

filetypes.go types.go util.go

func IsPackage Uses

func IsPackage(s string) bool

IsPackage reports whether a command-line argument is a package based on its lexical representation alone.

func ParseArgs Uses

func ParseArgs(args []string) (files []*build.File, err error)

ParseArgs converts a sequence of command line arguments representing files into a sequence of build file specifications.

The arguments are of the form

file* (spec: file+)*

where file is a filename and spec is itself of the form


A file type spec applies to all its following files and until a next spec is found.


json: foo.data bar.data json+schema: bar.schema

func ParseFile Uses

func ParseFile(s string, mode Mode) (*build.File, error)

ParseFile parses a single-argument file specifier, such as when a file is passed to a command line argument.


cue eval -o yaml:foo.data

type FileInfo Uses

type FileInfo struct {

    Definitions  bool `json:"definitions"`  // include/allow definition fields
    Data         bool `json:"data"`         // include/allow regular fields
    Optional     bool `json:"optional"`     // include/allow definition fields
    Constraints  bool `json:"constraints"`  // include/allow constraints
    References   bool `json:"references"`   // don't resolve/allow references
    Cycles       bool `json:"cycles"`       // cycles are permitted
    KeepDefaults bool `json:"keepDefaults"` // select/allow default values
    Incomplete   bool `json:"incomplete"`   // permit incomplete values
    Imports      bool `json:"imports"`      // don't expand/allow imports
    Stream       bool `json:"stream"`       // permit streaming
    Docs         bool `json:"docs"`         // show/allow docs
    Attributes   bool `json:"attributes"`   // include/allow attributes

FileInfo defines the parsing plan for a file.

func FromFile Uses

func FromFile(b *build.File, mode Mode) (*FileInfo, error)

FromFile return detailed file info for a given build file. Encoding must be specified. TODO: mode should probably not be necessary here.

type Mode Uses

type Mode int

Mode indicate the base mode of operation and indicates a different set of defaults.

const (
    Input Mode = iota // The default

func (Mode) String Uses

func (m Mode) String() string

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