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package task

import "cuelang.org/go/internal/task"

Package task provides a registry for tasks to be used by commands.


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func Register Uses

func Register(key string, f RunnerFunc)

Register registers a task for cue commands.

type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    Context context.Context
    Stdin   io.Reader
    Stdout  io.Writer
    Stderr  io.Writer
    Obj     cue.Value
    Err     errors.Error

A Context provides context for running a task.

func (*Context) Bytes Uses

func (c *Context) Bytes(field string) []byte

func (*Context) Int64 Uses

func (c *Context) Int64(field string) int64

func (*Context) Lookup Uses

func (c *Context) Lookup(field string) cue.Value

func (*Context) String Uses

func (c *Context) String(field string) string

type Runner Uses

type Runner interface {

    // Runner runs given the current value and returns a new value which is to
    // be unified with the original result.
    Run(ctx *Context) (results interface{}, err error)

A Runner defines a command type.

type RunnerFunc Uses

type RunnerFunc func(v cue.Value) (Runner, error)

A RunnerFunc creates a Runner.

func Lookup Uses

func Lookup(key string) RunnerFunc

Lookup returns the RunnerFunc for a key.

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