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package internal

import "cuelang.org/go/pkg/internal"


Package Files

builtin.go context.go errors.go register.go

func Register Uses

func Register(importPath string, p *Package)

type Builtin Uses

type Builtin struct {
    Name   string
    Pkg    adt.Feature
    Params []Param
    Result adt.Kind
    Func   func(c *CallCtxt)
    Const  string

A Builtin is a Builtin function or constant.

A function may return and a constant may be any of the following types:

error (translates to bottom)
nil   (translates to null)

For any of the above, including interface{} and these types recursively:

type CallCtxt Uses

type CallCtxt struct {
    Err interface{}
    Ret interface{}
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CallCtxt is passed to builtin implementations that need to use a cue.Value. This is an internal type. It's interface may change.

func (*CallCtxt) BigFloat Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) BigFloat(i int) *big.Float

func (*CallCtxt) BigInt Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) BigInt(i int) *big.Int

func (*CallCtxt) Bool Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Bool(i int) bool

func (*CallCtxt) Byte Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Byte(i int) uint8

func (*CallCtxt) Bytes Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Bytes(i int) []byte

func (*CallCtxt) Decimal Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Decimal(i int) *apd.Decimal

func (*CallCtxt) DecimalList Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) DecimalList(i int) (a []*apd.Decimal)

func (*CallCtxt) Do Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Do() bool

Do returns whether the call should be done.

func (*CallCtxt) Float64 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Float64(i int) float64

func (*CallCtxt) Int Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Int(i int) int

func (*CallCtxt) Int16 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Int16(i int) int16

func (*CallCtxt) Int32 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Int32(i int) int32

func (*CallCtxt) Int64 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Int64(i int) int64

func (*CallCtxt) Int8 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Int8(i int) int8

func (*CallCtxt) Iter Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Iter(i int) (a cue.Iterator)

func (*CallCtxt) List Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) List(i int) (a []cue.Value)

func (*CallCtxt) Name Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Name() string

func (*CallCtxt) Pos Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Pos() token.Pos

func (*CallCtxt) Reader Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Reader(i int) io.Reader

func (*CallCtxt) Rune Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Rune(i int) rune

func (*CallCtxt) String Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) String(i int) string

func (*CallCtxt) StringList Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) StringList(i int) (a []string)

func (*CallCtxt) Struct Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Struct(i int) *cue.Struct

func (*CallCtxt) Uint Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Uint(i int) uint

func (*CallCtxt) Uint16 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Uint16(i int) uint16

func (*CallCtxt) Uint32 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Uint32(i int) uint32

func (*CallCtxt) Uint64 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Uint64(i int) uint64

func (*CallCtxt) Uint8 Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Uint8(i int) uint8

func (*CallCtxt) Value Uses

func (c *CallCtxt) Value(i int) cue.Value

type Package Uses

type Package struct {
    Native []*Builtin
    CUE    string

func (*Package) MustCompile Uses

func (p *Package) MustCompile(ctx *adt.OpContext, importPath string) *adt.Vertex

type Param Uses

type Param struct {
    Kind  adt.Kind
    Value adt.Value // input constraint (may be nil)



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