eliasdb: devt.de/krotik/eliasdb


apiPackage api contains general REST API definitions.
api/acPackage ac contains management code for access control.
api/v1Package v1 contains EliasDB REST API Version 1.
clusterPackage cluster contains EliasDB's clustering code.
cluster/managerPackage manager contains the management code for EliasDB's clustering feature.
consolePackage console contains the console command processor for EliasDB.
eqlPackage eql contains the main API for EQL.
eql/interpreterPackage interpreter contains the EQL interpreter.
eql/parserPackage parser contains the EQL parser.
graphPackage graph contains the main API to the graph datastore.
graph/dataPackage data contains classes and functions to handle graph data.
graph/graphstoragePackage graphstorage contains classes which model storage objects for graph data.
graphqlPackage graphql contains the main API for GraphQL.
graphql/interpreterPackage interpreter contains the GraphQL interpreter for EliasDB.
graph/utilPackage util contains utility classes for the graph storage.
hashPackage hash provides a HTree implementation to provide key-value storage functionality for a StorageManager.
serverPackage server contains the code for the EliasDB server.
storagePackage storage contains the low-level API for data storage.
storage/filePackage file deals with low level file storage and transaction management.
storage/pagingPackage paging contains functions and constants necessary for paging of records.
storage/paging/viewPackage view contains general page view constants and functions.
storage/slottingPackage slotting contains managers which deal with slots on pages.
storage/slotting/pageviewPackage pageview contains object wrappers for different page types.
storage/utilPackage util contains utility functions for slot headers.

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