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package rollbar

import ""

Package rollbar provides Rollbar integration.



Package Files

error.go handler.go

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler is responsible for sending errors to Rollbar.

func New Uses

func New(token, environment, codeVersion, serverHost, serverRoot string) *Handler

New creates a new handler.


token := "token"

_ = rollbarhandler.New(token, "env", "version", "host", "serverRoot")

func NewFromClient Uses

func NewFromClient(client *rollbar.Client) *Handler

NewFromClient creates a new handler from a client instance.


token := "token"

_ = rollbarhandler.NewFromClient(rollbar.New(

func (*Handler) Close Uses

func (h *Handler) Close() error

Close closes the underlying notifier and waits for asynchronous reports to finish.

func (*Handler) Handle Uses

func (h *Handler) Handle(err error)

Handle sends the error to Rollbar.

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