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package version

import ""

Package version for fortio holds version information and build information.


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func Long Uses

func Long() string

Long returns the full version and build information. Format is "X.Y.X[-pre] YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM SHA[-dirty]" date and time is the build date (UTC), sha is the git sha of the source tree.

func Major Uses

func Major() int

Major returns the numerical major version number (first digit of version.Short()).

func Minor Uses

func Minor() int

Minor returns the numerical minor version number (second digit of version.Short()).

func Patch Uses

func Patch() int

Patch returns the numerical patch level (third digit of version.Short()).

func Short Uses

func Short() string

Short returns the 3 digit short version string Major.Minor.Patch[-pre] version.Short() is the overall project version (used to version json output too). "-pre" is added when the version doesn't match exactly a git tag or the build isn't from a clean source tree. (only standard dockerfile based build of a clean, tagged source tree should print "X.Y.Z" as short version).

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