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package test

import "fyne.io/fyne/test"

Package test provides utility drivers for running UI tests without rendering


Package Files

testapp.go testcanvas.go testclipboard.go testdriver.go testwindow.go util.go

func Canvas Uses

func Canvas() fyne.Canvas

Canvas returns a reusable in-memory canvas used for testing

func NewApp Uses

func NewApp() fyne.App

NewApp returns a new dummy app used for testing.. It loads a test driver which creates a virtual window in memory for testing.

func NewCanvas Uses

func NewCanvas() fyne.Canvas

NewCanvas returns a single use in-memory canvas used for testing

func NewClipboard Uses

func NewClipboard() fyne.Clipboard

NewClipboard returns a single use in-memory clipboard used for testing

func NewDriver Uses

func NewDriver() fyne.Driver

NewDriver sets up and registers a new dummy driver for test purpose

func NewWindow Uses

func NewWindow(content fyne.CanvasObject) fyne.Window

NewWindow creates and registers a new window for test purposes

func Tap Uses

func Tap(obj fyne.Tappable)

Tap simulates a left mouse click on the specified object

func TapSecondary Uses

func TapSecondary(obj fyne.Tappable)

TapSecondary simulates a right mouse click on the specified object

func Type Uses

func Type(obj fyne.Focusable, chars string)

Type performs a series of key events to simulate typing of a value into the specified object. The focusable object will be focused before typing begins. The chars parameter will be input one rune at a time to the focused object.

func TypeOnCanvas Uses

func TypeOnCanvas(c fyne.Canvas, chars string)

TypeOnCanvas is like the Type function but it passes the key events to the canvas object rather than a focusable widget.

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