appPackage app provides a platform-independent interface to operating system functionality for running graphical user interfaces.
app/headlessPackage headless implements headless windows for rendering an operation list to an image.
app/internal/logPackage points standard output, standard error and the standard library package log to the platform logger.
app/internal/windowPackage window implements platform specific windows and GPU contexts.
app/internal/xkbPackage xkb implements a Go interface for the X Keyboard Extension library.
app/permissionPackage permission includes sub-packages that should be imported by a Gio program or by one of its dependencies to indicate that specific operating-system permissions are required.
app/permission/bluetoothPackage bluetooth implements permissions to access Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy hardware, including the ability to discover and pair devices.
app/permission/storagePackage storage implements read and write storage permissions on mobile devices.
cmd/gogioThe gogio tool builds and packages Gio programs for Android, iOS/tvOS and WebAssembly.
f32Package f32 is a float32 implementation of package image's Point and Rectangle.
fontPackage font implements a central font registry.
font/gofontPackage gofont registers the Go fonts in the font registry.
font/opentypePackage opentype implements text layout and shaping for OpenType files.
gesturePackage gesture implements common pointer gestures.
io/eventPackage event contains the types for event handling.
io/keyPackage key implements key and text events and operations.
io/pointerPackage pointer implements pointer events and operations.
io/profilePackage profiles provides access to rendering profiles.
io/systemPackage system contains events usually handled at the top-level program level.
layoutPackage layout implements layouts common to GUI programs.
opPackage op implements operations for updating a user interface.
op/clipPackage clip provides operations for clipping paint operations.
op/paintPackage paint provides drawing operations for 2D graphics.
unitPackage unit implements device independent units and values.
widgetPackage widget implements state tracking and event handling of common user interface controls.
widget/materialPackage material implements the Material design.

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