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package headless

import ""

Package headless implements headless windows for rendering an operation list to an image.


Package Files

gen.go headless.go headless_egl.go headless_gl.go shaders.go

type Window Uses

type Window struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Window is a headless window.

func NewWindow Uses

func NewWindow(width, height int) (*Window, error)

NewWindow creates a new headless window.

func (*Window) Frame Uses

func (w *Window) Frame(frame *op.Ops) error

Frame replace the window content and state with the operation list.

func (*Window) Release Uses

func (w *Window) Release()

Release resources associated with the window.

func (*Window) Screenshot Uses

func (w *Window) Screenshot() (*image.RGBA, error)

Screenshot returns an image with the content of the window.

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