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package input

import ""


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key.go pointer.go router.go

type Router Uses

type Router struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Router is a Queue implementation that routes events from all available input sources to registered handlers.

func (*Router) Add Uses

func (q *Router) Add(e event.Event) bool

func (*Router) AddProfile Uses

func (q *Router) AddProfile(profile profile.Event)

func (*Router) Events Uses

func (q *Router) Events(k event.Key) []event.Event

func (*Router) Frame Uses

func (q *Router) Frame(ops *op.Ops)

func (*Router) Profiling Uses

func (q *Router) Profiling() bool

func (*Router) TextInputState Uses

func (q *Router) TextInputState() TextInputState

func (*Router) WakeupTime Uses

func (q *Router) WakeupTime() (time.Time, bool)

type TextInputState Uses

type TextInputState uint8
const (
    TextInputKeep TextInputState = iota

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