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package window

import ""

Package window implements platform specific windows and GPU contexts.


Package Files

egl.go egl_unix.go egl_wayland.go egl_x11.go handle.go os_unix.go os_wayland.go os_x11.go window.go

func Main Uses

func Main()

func NewWindow Uses

func NewWindow(window Callbacks, opts *Options) error

type Callbacks Uses

type Callbacks interface {
    SetDriver(d Driver)
    Event(e event.Event)

type Driver Uses

type Driver interface {
    // SetAnimating sets the animation flag. When the window is animating,
    // FrameEvents are delivered as fast as the display can handle them.
    SetAnimating(anim bool)
    // ShowTextInput updates the virtual keyboard state.
    ShowTextInput(show bool)
    NewContext() (gl.Context, error)

Driver is the interface for the platform implementation of a window.

type FrameEvent Uses

type FrameEvent struct {

    Sync bool

type Handle Uses

type Handle struct{}
var PlatformHandle *Handle

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    Width, Height unit.Value
    Title         string

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