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package f32

import ""

Package f32 is a float32 implementation of package image's Point and Rectangle.

The coordinate space has the origin in the top left corner with the axes extending right and down.


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type Point Uses

type Point struct {
    X, Y float32

A Point is a two dimensional point.

func (Point) Add Uses

func (p Point) Add(p2 Point) Point

Add return the point p+p2.

func (Point) Mul Uses

func (p Point) Mul(s float32) Point

Mul returns p scaled by s.

func (Point) Sub Uses

func (p Point) Sub(p2 Point) Point

Sub returns the vector p-p2.

type Rectangle Uses

type Rectangle struct {
    Min, Max Point

A Rectangle contains the points (X, Y) where Min.X <= X < Max.X, Min.Y <= Y < Max.Y.

func (Rectangle) Add Uses

func (r Rectangle) Add(p Point) Rectangle

Add offsets r with the vector p.

func (Rectangle) Canon Uses

func (r Rectangle) Canon() Rectangle

Canon returns the canonical version of r, where Min is to the upper left of Max.

func (Rectangle) Dx Uses

func (r Rectangle) Dx() float32

Dx returns r's width.

func (Rectangle) Dy Uses

func (r Rectangle) Dy() float32

Dy returns r's Height.

func (Rectangle) Empty Uses

func (r Rectangle) Empty() bool

Empty reports whether r represents the empty area.

func (Rectangle) Intersect Uses

func (r Rectangle) Intersect(s Rectangle) Rectangle

Intersect returns the intersection of r and s.

func (Rectangle) Size Uses

func (r Rectangle) Size() Point

Size returns r's width and height.

func (Rectangle) Sub Uses

func (r Rectangle) Sub(p Point) Rectangle

Sub offsets r with the vector -p.

func (Rectangle) Union Uses

func (r Rectangle) Union(s Rectangle) Rectangle

Union returns the union of r and s.

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