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package gpu

import ""

Package gpu implements the rendering of Gio drawing operations. It is used by package app and package app/headless and is otherwise not useful except for integrating with external window implementations.


Package Files

caches.go clip.go gen.go gpu.go pack.go path.go shaders.go timer.go

type GPU Uses

type GPU struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(ctx backend.Device) (*GPU, error)

func (*GPU) BeginFrame Uses

func (g *GPU) BeginFrame()

func (*GPU) Collect Uses

func (g *GPU) Collect(viewport image.Point, frameOps *op.Ops)

func (*GPU) EndFrame Uses

func (g *GPU) EndFrame()

func (*GPU) Profile Uses

func (g *GPU) Profile() string

func (*GPU) Release Uses

func (g *GPU) Release()



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