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package cli

import "github.com/030/n3dr/cli"


Package Files

backup.go common.go npm.go oci.go repositories.go upload.go


const (
    CfgFileExt     = "yml"
    HiddenN3DR     = "." + projectName
    DefaultCfgFile = "config"
const (
    DefaultCfgFileWithExt = DefaultCfgFile + "." + CfgFileExt

func TempDownloadDir Uses

func TempDownloadDir(downloadDirName string) (string, error)

type Nexus3 Uses

type Nexus3 struct {
    URL             string `validate:"nonzero,regexp=^http(s)?://.*[a-z]+(:[0-9]+)?$"`
    User            string
    Pass            string
    Repository      string
    APIVersion      string
    ZIP             bool
    ZipName         string
    DownloadDirName string
    ArtifactType    string

Nexus3 contains the attributes that are used by several functions

func (*Nexus3) BackupAllNPMArtifacts Uses

func (n *Nexus3) BackupAllNPMArtifacts(repository, dir, regex string) error

func (*Nexus3) Bladibla Uses

func (n *Nexus3) Bladibla(url, dir, regex string) error

func (*Nexus3) CountRepositories Uses

func (n *Nexus3) CountRepositories() error

func (Nexus3) CreateZip Uses

func (n Nexus3) CreateZip(dir string) error

CreateZip adds all artifacts to a ZIP archive

func (*Nexus3) Downloads Uses

func (n *Nexus3) Downloads(regex string) error

Downloads retrieves artifacts from all repositories

func (*Nexus3) RepositoryNames Uses

func (n *Nexus3) RepositoryNames() error

func (Nexus3) StoreArtifactsOnDiskChannel Uses

func (n Nexus3) StoreArtifactsOnDiskChannel(dir, regex string) error

func (Nexus3) Upload Uses

func (n Nexus3) Upload() error

Upload posts an artifact as a multipart to a specific nexus3 repository

func (*Nexus3) ValidateNexusURL Uses

func (n *Nexus3) ValidateNexusURL() error

type RetryLogAdaptor Uses

type RetryLogAdaptor struct{}

RetryLogAdaptor adapts the retryablehttp.Logger interface to the logrus logger.

func (*RetryLogAdaptor) Printf Uses

func (*RetryLogAdaptor) Printf(fmtStr string, vars ...interface{})

Printf implements the retryablehttp.Logger interface

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