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package cli

import "github.com/030/n3dr/cli"


Package Files

backup.go common.go oci.go repositories.go upload.go


const (
    CfgFileExt     = "yml"
    HiddenN3DR     = "." + projectName
    DefaultCfgFile = "config"
const (
    DefaultCfgFileWithExt = DefaultCfgFile + "." + CfgFileExt

func TempDownloadDir Uses

func TempDownloadDir(downloadDirName string) (string, error)

type Nexus3 Uses

type Nexus3 struct {
    URL             string
    User            string
    Pass            string
    Repository      string
    APIVersion      string
    ZIP             bool
    ZipName         string
    DownloadDirName string

Nexus3 contains the attributes that are used by several functions

func (Nexus3) CountRepositories Uses

func (n Nexus3) CountRepositories() error

func (Nexus3) CreateZip Uses

func (n Nexus3) CreateZip(dir string) error

CreateZip adds all artifacts to a ZIP archive

func (Nexus3) Downloads Uses

func (n Nexus3) Downloads(regex string) error

Downloads retrieves artifacts from all repositories

func (Nexus3) RepositoryNames Uses

func (n Nexus3) RepositoryNames() error

func (Nexus3) StoreArtifactsOnDisk Uses

func (n Nexus3) StoreArtifactsOnDisk(dir, regex string) error

StoreArtifactsOnDisk downloads all artifacts from nexus and saves them on disk

func (Nexus3) Upload Uses

func (n Nexus3) Upload() error

Upload posts an artifact as a multipart to a specific nexus3 repository

type RetryLogAdaptor Uses

type RetryLogAdaptor struct{}

RetryLogAdaptor adapts the retryablehttp.Logger interface to the logrus logger.

func (*RetryLogAdaptor) Printf Uses

func (*RetryLogAdaptor) Printf(fmtStr string, vars ...interface{})

Printf implements the retryablehttp.Logger interface

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