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package ethereum

import "github.com/0xProject/0x-mesh/ethereum"


Package Files

blockchain_lifecycle.go contract_addresses.go


var GanacheAddresses = ganacheAddresses()

GanacheAddresses The addresses that the 0x contracts were deployed to on the Ganache snapshot (chainID = 1337).

func ValidateContractAddressesForChainID Uses

func ValidateContractAddressesForChainID(chainID int, addresses ContractAddresses) error

type BlockchainLifecycle Uses

type BlockchainLifecycle struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

BlockchainLifecycle is a testing utility for taking snapshots of the blockchain state on Ganache and reverting those snapshots at a later point in time. Ganache supports performing multiple snapshots that can then be reverted in LIFO order.

func NewBlockchainLifecycle Uses

func NewBlockchainLifecycle(rpcClient *rpc.Client) (*BlockchainLifecycle, error)

NewBlockchainLifecycle instantiates a new blockchainLifecycle instance

func (*BlockchainLifecycle) Mine Uses

func (b *BlockchainLifecycle) Mine(t *testing.T, blockTimestamp time.Time)

Mine force-mines a block with the specified block timestamp WARNING(fabio): Using this method will brick `eth_getLogs` such that it always returns the logs for the latest block, even if a specific blockHash is specified Source: https://github.com/trufflesuite/ganache-cli/issues/708

func (*BlockchainLifecycle) Revert Uses

func (b *BlockchainLifecycle) Revert(t *testing.T)

Revert reverts the latest snapshot of blockchain state created

func (*BlockchainLifecycle) Start Uses

func (b *BlockchainLifecycle) Start(t *testing.T)

Start creates a snapshot of the blockchain state at that point in time and adds it's snapshotId to a stack

type ContractAddresses Uses

type ContractAddresses struct {
    ERC20Proxy   common.Address `json:"erc20Proxy"`
    ERC721Proxy  common.Address `json:"erc721Proxy"`
    ERC1155Proxy common.Address `json:"erc1155Proxy"`
    Exchange     common.Address `json:"exchange"`
    // TODO(jalextowle): This should be removed when 0x v4 is released.
    ExchangeProxyFlashWallet common.Address `json:"exchangeProxyFlashWallet"`
    DevUtils                 common.Address `json:"devUtils"`
    WETH9                    common.Address `json:"weth9"`
    ZRXToken                 common.Address `json:"zrxToken"`
    ChaiBridge               common.Address `json:"chaiBridge"`
    ChaiToken                common.Address `json:"chaiToken"`
    MaximumGasPrice          common.Address `json:"maximumGasPrice"`

ContractAddresses maps a contract's name to it's Ethereum address

func NewContractAddressesForChainID Uses

func NewContractAddressesForChainID(chainID int) (ContractAddresses, error)

NewContractAddressesForChainID The default contract addresses for the standard chainIDs.



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