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package orderwatch

import "github.com/0xProject/0x-mesh/zeroex/orderwatch"


Package Files

order_watcher.go topics.go

func GetRelevantTopics Uses

func GetRelevantTopics() []common.Hash

GetRelevantTopics returns the OrderWatcher-relevant topics that should be used when filtering the logs retrieved for Ethereum blocks

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    MeshDB            *meshdb.MeshDB
    BlockWatcher      *blockwatch.Watcher
    OrderValidator    *ordervalidator.OrderValidator
    ChainID           int
    MaxOrders         int
    MaxExpirationTime *big.Int

type Watcher Uses

type Watcher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Watcher watches all order-relevant state and handles the state transitions

func New Uses

func New(config Config) (*Watcher, error)

New instantiates a new order watcher

func (*Watcher) Add Uses

func (w *Watcher) Add(orderInfo *ordervalidator.AcceptedOrderInfo, pinned bool) error

Add adds a 0x order to the DB and watches it for changes in fillability. It will no-op (and return nil) if the order has already been added. If pinned is true, the orders will be marked as pinned. Pinned orders will not be affected by any DDoS prevention or incentive mechanisms and will always stay in storage until they are no longer fillable.

func (*Watcher) Cleanup Uses

func (w *Watcher) Cleanup(ctx context.Context, lastUpdatedBuffer time.Duration) error

Cleanup re-validates all orders in DB which haven't been re-validated in `lastUpdatedBuffer` time to make sure all orders are still up-to-date

func (*Watcher) MaxExpirationTime Uses

func (w *Watcher) MaxExpirationTime() *big.Int

MaxExpirationTime returns the current maximum expiration time for incoming orders.

func (*Watcher) Subscribe Uses

func (w *Watcher) Subscribe(sink chan<- []*zeroex.OrderEvent) event.Subscription

Subscribe allows one to subscribe to the order events emitted by the OrderWatcher. To unsubscribe, simply call `Unsubscribe` on the returned subscription. The sink channel should have ample buffer space to avoid blocking other subscribers. Slow subscribers are not dropped.

func (*Watcher) Watch Uses

func (w *Watcher) Watch(ctx context.Context) error

Watch sets up the event & expiration watchers as well as the cleanup worker. Event watching will require the blockwatch.Watcher to be started first. Watch will block until there is a critical error or the given context is canceled.



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