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package goodies

import ""

Package Goodies provides a collection of helper libraries useful for building a web app


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assets/sprocketsPackage sprockets integrates the power of sprockets ( ) with your go program.
configPackage config provides helper functions for reading a JSON formatted configuration file into an arbitrary struct
depinjectPackage depinject provides a simple Dependency Injector.
goannaPackage goanna is an MVC toolkit with routing, controllers and sessions
goanna/sessionPackage session implements a cookie session store for goanna
http/cachecontrolPackage cachecontrol provides an HTTP decorator which adds cache-control headers to outgoing responses
http/logPackage log is for http logging
http/panichandlerPackage panichandler provides An HTTP decorator which recovers from `panic`
http/ratelimiterPackage http decorates an http.Handler and prevents too many requests being made
http/secure_headersPackage secure_headers decorates an http.Handler and sets several key security headers
http/secure_headers/csppackage csp implements a content-security-policy header generator
i18nPackage i18n implements a gettext based translation library with XLiff support
mailerPackage mailer provides email delivery (current delivery methods are 'postmark' and 'test')
mailer/postmarkPackage postmark implements a backend for 'mailer' via postmark
mailer/test_mailerPackage test_mailer implements a backend for 'mailer' which writes emails to STDOUT instead of sending them
monitorPackage monitor implements an instrumentation interface.
monitor/dbPackage monitor/db decorates database/sql drivers with query logging and timings
ratelimiterPackage ratelimiter implements the Leaky Bucket ratelimiting algorithm with memcached and in-memory backends.
stringslicePackage stringslice implements simple functions to manipulate string slices
test/expectPackage expect has a few test utils.
test/time_copPackage timecop implements a stub to use in place of time.Time

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