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package http

import ""


Package Files

error.go http.go

func RegexPath Uses

func RegexPath(reg *regexp.Regexp, h http.Handler) http.Handler

RegexPath returns a handler that serves HTTP requests with the first match of the the given regex from the request URL's Path and invoking the handler h. RegexPath handles a request for a path that doesn't match by replying with an HTTP 404 not found error.

type HttpError Uses

type HttpError interface {
    Error() string   // the original error
    StatusCode() int // a suggested http error code

HttpError is used as a convenient way to be able to panic and ensure that a particular http status code will be returned

func NewHttpError Uses

func NewHttpError(err error, sc int) HttpError


cachecontrolPackage cachecontrol provides an HTTP decorator which adds cache-control headers to outgoing responses
logPackage log is for http logging
panichandlerPackage panichandler provides An HTTP decorator which recovers from `panic`
ratelimiterPackage http decorates an http.Handler and prevents too many requests being made
secure_headersPackage secure_headers decorates an http.Handler and sets several key security headers
secure_headers/csppackage csp implements a content-security-policy header generator

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