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package errcode

import ""


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const ParseFailed = "GRAPHQL_PARSE_FAILED"
const ValidationFailed = "GRAPHQL_VALIDATION_FAILED"

func RegisterErrorType Uses

func RegisterErrorType(code string, kind ErrorKind)

RegisterErrorType should be called by extensions that want to customize the http status codes for errors they return

func Set Uses

func Set(err *gqlerror.Error, value string)

Set the error code on a given graphql error extension

type ErrorKind Uses

type ErrorKind int
const (
    // issues with graphql (validation, parsing).  422s in http, GQL_ERROR in websocket
    KindProtocol ErrorKind = iota
    // user errors, 200s in http, GQL_DATA in websocket

func GetErrorKind Uses

func GetErrorKind(errs gqlerror.List) ErrorKind

get the kind of the first non User error, defaults to User if no errors have a custom extension

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