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package resolvergen

import ""


Package Files


func New Uses

func New() plugin.Plugin

type File Uses

type File struct {
    // These are separated because the type definition of the resolver object may live in a different file from the
    //resolver method implementations, for example when extending a type in a different graphql schema file
    Objects   []*codegen.Object
    Resolvers []*Resolver

    RemainingSource string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*File) Imports Uses

func (f *File) Imports() string

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin struct{}

func (*Plugin) GenerateCode Uses

func (m *Plugin) GenerateCode(data *codegen.Data) error

func (*Plugin) Name Uses

func (m *Plugin) Name() string

type Resolver Uses

type Resolver struct {
    Object         *codegen.Object
    Field          *codegen.Field
    Implementation string

type ResolverBuild Uses

type ResolverBuild struct {
    HasRoot      bool
    PackageName  string
    ResolverType string

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