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package recomputations2

import ""


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Controller.go Model.go View.go routing.go

func ChangeStatus Uses

func ChangeStatus(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

ChangeStatus updates the status of an existing recomputation

func Delete Uses

func Delete(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

Delete recomputation

func HandleSubrouter Uses

func HandleSubrouter(s *mux.Router, confhandler *respond.ConfHandler)

HandleSubrouter uses the subrouter for a specific calls and creates a tree of sorts handling each route with a different subrouter

func List Uses

func List(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

List existing recomputations

func ListOne Uses

func ListOne(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

ListOne lists a single recomputation according to the given id

func ResetStatus Uses

func ResetStatus(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

ResetStatus resets status changes back to pending when recomputation was created

func SubmitRecomputation Uses

func SubmitRecomputation(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

SubmitRecomputation insert a new pending recomputation in the tenants database

func Update Uses

func Update(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

Update updates an already existing recomputation

type Exclude Uses

type Exclude struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"exclude" json:"-"`
    Group   string   `xml:"name,attr" json:"name"`

type HistoryItem Uses

type HistoryItem struct {
    Status    string `bson:"status" xml:"status" json:"status"`
    Timestamp string `bson:"timestamp" xml:"timestamp" json:"timestamp"`

type IncomingRecomputation Uses

type IncomingRecomputation struct {
    ID             string   `xml:"id" json:"id" bson:"id,omitempty"`
    StartTime      string   `xml:"start_time,attr" json:"start_time" bson:"start_time,omitempty"`
    RequesterName  string   `xml:"requester_name" json:"requester_name" bson:"requester_name,omitempty" `
    RequesterEmail string   `xml:"requester_email" json:"requester_email" bson:"requester_email,omitempty" `
    EndTime        string   `xml:"end_time,attr" json:"end_time" bson:"end_time,omitempty"`
    Reason         string   `xml:"reason,attr" json:"reason" bson:"reason,omitempty"`
    Report         string   `xml:"report,attr" json:"report" bson:"report,omitempty"`
    Exclude        []string `xml:"exclude" json:"exclude" bson:"exclude,omitempty"`

type IncomingRequest Uses

type IncomingRequest struct {
    Data []IncomingRecomputation `xml:"data" json:"data"`

type IncomingStatus Uses

type IncomingStatus struct {
    Status string `xml:"status" json:"status"`
type Links struct {
    Self string `xml:"self" json:"self"`

type Message Uses

type Message struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"root" json:"-"`
    Message string   `json:"message" xml:"message"`
    Status  string   `json:"status" xml:"status"`

type MongoInterface Uses

type MongoInterface struct {
    XMLName        xml.Name      `bson:"-" xml:"recomputation" json:"-"`
    ID             string        `bson:"id" xml:"id" json:"id"`
    RequesterName  string        `bson:"requester_name" xml:"requester_name" json:"requester_name"`
    RequesterEmail string        `bson:"requester_email" xml:"requester_email" json:"requester_email"`
    Reason         string        `bson:"reason" xml:"reason" json:"reason"`
    StartTime      string        `bson:"start_time" xml:"start_time" json:"start_time"`
    EndTime        string        `bson:"end_time" xml:"end_time" json:"end_time"`
    Report         string        `bson:"report" xml:"report" json:"report"`
    Exclude        []string      `bson:"exclude" xml:"exclude>group" json:"exclude"`
    Status         string        `bson:"status" xml:"status" json:"status"`
    Timestamp      string        `bson:"timestamp" xml:"timestamp" json:"timestamp"`
    History        []HistoryItem `bson:"history" xml:"history" json:"history"`

type SelfReference Uses

type SelfReference struct {
    ID    string `xml:"id" json:"id" bson:"id,omitempty"`
    Links Links  `xml:"links" json:"links"`

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