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package config

import ""


Package Files


type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Server struct {
        Bindip       string
        Port         int
        Maxprocs     int
        Cache        bool
        Lrucache     int
        Gzip         bool
        Cert         string
        Privkey      string
        ReqSizeLimit int64
        EnableCors   bool

    Hbase   HbaseConfig
    MongoDB MongoConfig
    Profile string

Config configuration for the api

func LoadConfiguration Uses

func LoadConfiguration() Config

LoadConfiguration function loads the configurations passed either by flags or by the configuration file

type HbaseConfig Uses

type HbaseConfig struct {
    ZkQuorum string

HbaseConfig configuration to connect to an hbase instance

type MongoConfig Uses

type MongoConfig struct {
    User     string   `bson:"name"`
    Email    string   `bson:"email"`
    Host     string   `bson:"server"`
    Port     int      `bson:"port"`
    Db       string   `bson:"database"`
    Username string   `bson:"username"`
    Password string   `bson:"password"`
    Store    string   `bson:"store"`
    ApiKey   string   `bson:"api_key"`
    Roles    []string `bson:"roles"`

MongoConfig configuration to connect to a mongodb instance

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