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package define

import "github.com/Alienero/quick-know/store/define"


Package Files

config.go define.go


const (
    // Client requst type
    OFFLINE = 41
    ONLINE  = 42


var Config = new(DBConfig)

func Get_uuid Uses

func Get_uuid() string

func SetKey Uses

func SetKey(addr string)

type Ctrl Uses

type Ctrl struct {
    Id   string
    Auth string

type DBConfig Uses

type DBConfig struct {
    DBType string

    UserAddr string // DB addr.
    UserName string // DB name.
    Clients  string
    Ctrls    string
    Salt     string // Sha512's salt.

    MsgAddr     string // DB addr.
    MsgName     string // DB name.
    OfflineName string // Collection name.
    SubName     string // Collection name.
    SubsName    string // Collection name.
    SubMsgName  string // Collection name.

    OfflineMsgs int // The max of the offline msgs.

type Msg Uses

type Msg struct {
    Id     string
    Msg_id int    // Msg ID
    Owner  string // Owner
    To_id  string
    Topic  string
    Body   []byte
    Typ    int // Online or Oflline msg

    Dup byte // mqtt dup

    Expired int64

    // sub msgs.
    IsSub bool

type Sub Uses

type Sub struct {
    Id  string
    Own string

    Max int // Max of the group members
    Typ int

type SubMsgs Uses

type SubMsgs struct {
    Id    string
    Count int64
    Body  []byte

type Sub_map Uses

type Sub_map struct {
    Sub_id  string
    User_id string

type User Uses

type User struct {
    Id    string
    Psw   string
    Owner string // Owner

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