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package wiretest

import ""

Package wiretest contains utilites for testing Alluxio file system wire types.


Package Files

bits.go block_info.go block_location.go doc.go file_block_info.go file_info.go load_metadata_type.go mode.go read_type.go ttl_action.go util.go worker_net_address.go write_type.go

func RandomBits Uses

func RandomBits() wire.Bits

RandomBits generates a random instace of wire.Bits.

func RandomBlockInfo Uses

func RandomBlockInfo() wire.BlockInfo

RandomBlockInfo generates a random instance of wire.BlockInfo.

func RandomBlockLocation Uses

func RandomBlockLocation() wire.BlockLocation

RandomBlockLocation generates a random instance of wire.BlockLocation.

func RandomBool Uses

func RandomBool() bool

RandomBool generates a random bool.

func RandomBytes Uses

func RandomBytes() []byte

RandomBytes generates a random byte slice.

func RandomFileBlockInfo Uses

func RandomFileBlockInfo() wire.FileBlockInfo

RandomFileBlockInfo generates a random instance of wire.FileBlockInfo.

func RandomFileInfo Uses

func RandomFileInfo() wire.FileInfo

RandomFileInfo generates a random instance of wire.FileInfo.

func RandomLoadMetadataType Uses

func RandomLoadMetadataType() wire.LoadMetadataType

RandomLoadMetadataType generates a random instance of wire.LoadMetadataType.

func RandomMode Uses

func RandomMode() wire.Mode

RandomMode generates a random instance of wire.Mode.

func RandomReadType Uses

func RandomReadType() wire.ReadType

RandomReadType generates a random instance of wire.ReadType.

func RandomString Uses

func RandomString() string

RandomString generates a random string.

func RandomTTLAction Uses

func RandomTTLAction() wire.TTLAction

RandomTTLAction generates a random instance of wire.TTLAction.

func RandomWorkerNetAddress Uses

func RandomWorkerNetAddress() wire.WorkerNetAddress

RandomWorkerNetAddress generates a random instance of wire.WorkerNetAddress.

func RandomWriteType Uses

func RandomWriteType() wire.WriteType

RandomWriteType generates a random instance of wire.WriteType.

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