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package consul

import ""


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type ConsulProvider Uses

type ConsulProvider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New() (*ConsulProvider, error)

func NewWithConfig Uses

func NewWithConfig(consulConfig *api.Config) (*ConsulProvider, error)

func (*ConsulProvider) DeregisterMember Uses

func (p *ConsulProvider) DeregisterMember() error

func (*ConsulProvider) GetHealthStatus Uses

func (p *ConsulProvider) GetHealthStatus() error

GetHealthStatus returns an error if the cluster health status has problems

func (*ConsulProvider) MonitorMemberStatusChanges Uses

func (p *ConsulProvider) MonitorMemberStatusChanges()

func (*ConsulProvider) RegisterMember Uses

func (p *ConsulProvider) RegisterMember(clusterName string, address string, port int, knownKinds []string,
    statusValue cluster.MemberStatusValue, serializer cluster.MemberStatusValueSerializer) error

func (*ConsulProvider) Shutdown Uses

func (p *ConsulProvider) Shutdown() error

func (*ConsulProvider) UpdateMemberStatusValue Uses

func (p *ConsulProvider) UpdateMemberStatusValue(statusValue cluster.MemberStatusValue) error

func (*ConsulProvider) UpdateTTL Uses

func (p *ConsulProvider) UpdateTTL()

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