kustoPackage kusto provides a client for accessing Azure Data Explorer, also known as Kusto.
kusto/data/errorsPackage errors provides the error package for Kusto.
kusto/data/tablePackage table contains types that represent the makeup of a Kusto table.
kusto/data/typesPackage types holds Kusto type information that is used to describe what type would be held in a cell based on the column's type setting.
kusto/data/valuePackage value holds Kusto data value representations.
kusto/ingestPackage ingest provides data ingestion from various external sources into Kusto.
kusto/ingest/internal/connPackage conn holds a streaming ingest connetion.
kusto/ingest/internal/filesystemPackage filesystem provides a client with the ability to import data into Kusto via a variety of fileystems such as local storage or blobstore.
kusto/ingest/internal/gzipPackage gzip provides a streaming object for taking in io.ReadCloser that is being written to and providing an io.ReadCloser that outputs the original content gzip compressed.
kusto/ingest/internal/propertiesPackage properties provides Kusto REST properties that will need to be serialized and sent to Kusto based upon the type of ingestion we are doing.
kusto/ingest/internal/resourcesPackage resources contains objects that are used to gather information about Kusto resources that are used during various ingestion methods.
kusto/internal/frames/unmarshalPackage unmarshal provides decoding of Kusto row data in a frame into []value.Values representing those rows.
kusto/internal/frames/unmarshal/jsonPackage json implements encoding and decoding of JSON as defined in RFC 7159.
kusto/internal/frames/v1Package v1 holds framing information for the v1 REST API.
kusto/internal/frames/v2Package v2 holds framing information for the v2 REST API.
kusto/internal/versionPackage version keeps the internal version number of the client.
kusto/unsafePackage unsafe provides methods and types that loosen the native protections of the Kusto package.

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