managementPackage management provides the main API client to construct other clients and make requests to the Microsoft Azure Service Management REST API.
management/hostedservicePackage hostedservice provides a client for Hosted Services.
management/locationPackage location provides a client for Locations.
management/networksecuritygroupPackage networksecuritygroup provides a client for Network Security Groups.
management/osimagePackage osimage provides a client for Operating System Images.
management/storageservicePackage storageservice provides a client for Storage Services.
management/testutilsPackage testutils contains some test utilities for the Azure SDK
management/virtualmachinePackage virtualmachine provides a client for Virtual Machines.
management/virtualmachinediskPackage virtualmachinedisk provides a client for Virtual Machine Disks.
management/virtualmachineimagePackage virtualmachineimage provides a client for Virtual Machine Images.
management/virtualnetworkPackage virtualnetwork provides a client for Virtual Networks.
management/vmutilsPackage vmutils provides convenience methods for creating Virtual Machine Role configurations.

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