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package serialconsoleapi

import ""


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type ConsoleClientAPI Uses

type ConsoleClientAPI interface {
    DisableConsole(ctx context.Context) (result serialconsole.SetDisabledResult, err error)
    EnableConsole(ctx context.Context) (result serialconsole.SetDisabledResult, err error)

ConsoleClientAPI contains the set of methods on the ConsoleClient type.

type ListClientAPI Uses

type ListClientAPI interface {
    Operations(ctx context.Context) (result serialconsole.Operations, err error)

ListClientAPI contains the set of methods on the ListClient type.

type ListConsoleClientAPI Uses

type ListConsoleClientAPI interface {
    Disabled(ctx context.Context) (result serialconsole.GetDisabledResult, err error)

ListConsoleClientAPI contains the set of methods on the ListConsoleClient type.

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