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package subscriptionapi

import ""


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type AliasClientAPI Uses

type AliasClientAPI interface {
    Create(ctx context.Context, aliasName string, body subscription.PutAliasRequest) (result subscription.AliasCreateFuture, err error)
    Delete(ctx context.Context, aliasName string) (result autorest.Response, err error)
    Get(ctx context.Context, aliasName string) (result subscription.PutAliasResponse, err error)
    List(ctx context.Context) (result subscription.PutAliasListResult, err error)

AliasClientAPI contains the set of methods on the AliasClient type.

type ClientAPI Uses

type ClientAPI interface {
    Cancel(ctx context.Context, subscriptionID string) (result subscription.CanceledSubscriptionID, err error)
    Enable(ctx context.Context, subscriptionID string) (result subscription.EnabledSubscriptionID, err error)
    Rename(ctx context.Context, subscriptionID string, body subscription.Name) (result subscription.RenamedSubscriptionID, err error)

ClientAPI contains the set of methods on the Client type.

type OperationsClientAPI Uses

type OperationsClientAPI interface {
    List(ctx context.Context) (result subscription.OperationListResult, err error)

OperationsClientAPI contains the set of methods on the OperationsClient type.

type SubscriptionsClientAPI Uses

type SubscriptionsClientAPI interface {
    Get(ctx context.Context, subscriptionID string) (result subscription.Model, err error)
    List(ctx context.Context) (result subscription.ListResultPage, err error)
    ListComplete(ctx context.Context) (result subscription.ListResultIterator, err error)
    ListLocations(ctx context.Context, subscriptionID string) (result subscription.LocationListResult, err error)

SubscriptionsClientAPI contains the set of methods on the SubscriptionsClient type.

type TenantsClientAPI Uses

type TenantsClientAPI interface {
    List(ctx context.Context) (result subscription.TenantListResultPage, err error)
    ListComplete(ctx context.Context) (result subscription.TenantListResultIterator, err error)

TenantsClientAPI contains the set of methods on the TenantsClient type.

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