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Command goim

Command goim is a program that can load the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDb) in a local database, conveniently and quickly search it and help you rename your media files easily. Other commands may be added later.


goim {command} [flags] [arguments]

Use 'goim help {command}' for more details on {command}.

A list of the main commands:

load      creates/updates database with IMDb data
rename    renames files to match search results
search    search IMDb for movies, TV shows, episodes and actors
size      lists size of tables and total size of database
write     write default configuration or templates

A list of other commands:

aka-titles            show AKA titles for media
alternate-versions    show alternate versions for media
color-info            show color info for media
credits               show actor/media credits
full                  show exhaustive information about an entity
genres                show genres tags for media
goofs                 show goofs for media
languages             show language information for media
links                 show links (prequels, sequels, versions) of media
literature            show literature references for media
locations             show geography locations for media
mpaa                  show MPAA rating for media
plots                 show plot summaries for media
quotes                show quotes for media
rank                  show user rank/votes for media
release-dates         show release dates (by region) for media
running-times         show running times (by region) for media
short                 show selected information about an entity
sound-mix             show sound mix information for media
taglines              show taglines for media
trivia                show trivia for media

Package Files

cmd_attrs.go cmd_clean.go cmd_ftp.go cmd_load.go cmd_rename.go cmd_search.go cmd_size.go cmd_write.go command.go db.go doc.go fetch.go list_parse.go list_parse_actors.go list_parse_attrs.go list_parse_movies.go main.go


imdbPackage imdb provides types and functions for retrieving data from an IMDb database loaded by Goim.
imdb/searchPackage search provides a convenient interface that can quickly search an IMDb database loaded with Goim.
tplPackage tpl provides convenience functions that are loaded into every Goim template, along with some functions for parsing and executing Goim templates.

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