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package mdb

import "github.com/Centny/ffcm/mdb"


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func DefaultDbc Uses

func DefaultDbc(uri, name string) (dtm.DbH, error)

func MdbH_dc Uses

func MdbH_dc(uri, name string) (dtm.DbH, error)

database creator

func StartTest Uses

func StartTest(cfgs, cfgc string, h dtm.DTCM_S_H)

type MdbH Uses

type MdbH struct {
    Name string
    MC   func(string) *tmgo.Collection

func (*MdbH) Add Uses

func (m *MdbH) Add(t *dtm.Task) error

add task to db

func (*MdbH) C Uses

func (m *MdbH) C() *tmgo.Collection

func (*MdbH) ClearSyncTask Uses

func (m *MdbH) ClearSyncTask() error

func (*MdbH) Del Uses

func (m *MdbH) Del(t *dtm.Task) error

delete task to db

func (*MdbH) Find Uses

func (m *MdbH) Find(id string) (*dtm.Task, error)

find task by id

func (*MdbH) List Uses

func (m *MdbH) List(mid string, running []string, status string, skip, limit int) (int, []*dtm.Task, error)

list task from db

func (*MdbH) Update Uses

func (m *MdbH) Update(t *dtm.Task) error

update task to db

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