internal/cachePackage cache defines the Trickster cache interfaces and provides general cache functionality
internal/cache/badgerPackage badger is the BadgerDB implementation of the Trickster Cache
internal/cache/bboltPackage bbolt is the bbolt implementation of the Trickster Cache
internal/cache/filesystemPackage filesystem is the filesystem implementation of the Trickster Cache
internal/cache/indexPackage index defines the Trickster Cache Index
internal/cache/memoryPackage memory is the memory implementation of the Trickster Cache and uses a sync.Map to manage cache objects
internal/cache/redisPackage redis is the redis implementation of the Trickster Cache and supports Standalone, Sentinel and Cluster
internal/cache/registrationPackage registration handles the registration of cache implementations to be used by proxy cache handlers
internal/cache/statusPackage status governs the possible Cache Lookup Status values
internal/configPackage config provides Trickster configuration abilities, including parsing and printing configuration files, command line parameters, and environment variables, as well as default values and state.
internal/proxyPackage proxy provides all proxy services for Trickster
internal/proxy/contextPackage context manages the insertion of Request-specific information (which cache to use, etc.) into proxied HTTP requests
internal/proxy/enginesPackage engines provides the Reverse Proxy, Reverse Proxy Cache, and Time Series Delta Proxy Cache features for use by handlers.
internal/proxy/errorsPackage errors provides common Error functionality to the Trickster proxy
internal/proxy/handlersPackage handlers provides several non-proxy handlers for use internally by other Trickster handlers
internal/proxy/headersPackage headers provides functionality for HTTP Headers not provided by the builtin net/http package
internal/proxy/methodsPackage methods provides functionality for handling HTTP methods
internal/proxy/originsPackage origins the interface and generic functionality for Origin Types
internal/proxy/origins/clickhousePackage clickhouse provides the ClickHouse origin type
internal/proxy/origins/influxdbPackage influxdb provides the InfluxDB Origin Type
internal/proxy/origins/irondbPackage irondb provides proxy origin support for IRONdb databases.
internal/proxy/origins/prometheusPackage prometheus provides the Prometheus Origin Type
internal/proxy/origins/reverseproxycachePackage reverseproxycache provides the HTTP Reverse Proxy Cache Origin Type
internal/proxy/paramsPackage params provides support for handling URL Parameters
internal/proxy/ranges/byterangePackage byterange provides acceleration functions for Byte Ranges for use with HTTP Range Requests
internal/proxy/requestPackage request provides functionality for handling HTTP Requests including the insertion of configuration options into the request
internal/proxy/timeconvPackage timeconv provides time conversion capabilities to Trickster
internal/proxy/urlsPackage urls provides capabilities for manipulating URLs that are not provided by the builtin net/url package
internal/routingPackage routing is the Trickster Request Router
internal/routing/registrationPackage registration provides routing registration services to Trickster
internal/runtimePackage runtime holds application runtime information
internal/timeseriesPackage timeseries defines the interface for managing time seres objects and provides time range manipulation capabilities
internal/utilPackage util provides utility sub-packages to Trickster
internal/util/logPackage log provides logging functionality to Trickster
internal/util/md5Package md5 provides string-based checksum functionality
internal/util/metricsPackage metrics implements prometheus metrics and exposes the metrics HTTP listener
internal/util/middlewarePackage middleware provides middleware functions used by the Router during registration to construct handler chains
internal/util/regexp/matchingPackage matching provides patterns for processing regexp.Regexp matches
internal/util/stringsPackage strings provides extended functionality for string types
internal/util/testingPackage testing provides functionality for use when conducting tests
internal/util/tracingPackage tracing provides distributed tracing services to Trickster
internal/util/tracing/registrationPackage registration registers configured tracers for use with handlers
pkg/locksPackage locks provides Named Locks functionality for manging mutexes by string name (e.g., cache keys).
pkg/promsimPackage promsim is a rudimentary Prometheus HTTP APIv1 output simulator, intended for use with unit testing that would normally require a running Prometheus server.
pkg/rangesimPackage rangesim (RangeeSim) is a sample HTTP server that fully supports HTTP Range Requests.
pkg/sort/floatsPackage floats provides sorting capabilities to a slice of type float64
pkg/sort/timesPackage times provides sorting capabilities to a slice of type time

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