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package api

import ""


Package Files

blocks.go service.go transactions.go

func Serve Uses

func Serve(addr, dbFile string) error

Serve runs an API server on the specified address and database file.

func StopService Uses

func StopService()

StopService stops the API server.

type BPGetBlockListResponse Uses

type BPGetBlockListResponse struct {
    Blocks     []*models.Block    `json:"blocks"`
    Pagination *models.Pagination `json:"pagination"`

BPGetBlockListResponse is the response for method bp_getBlockList.

type BPGetTransactionListResponse Uses

type BPGetTransactionListResponse struct {
    Transactions []*models.Transaction `json:"transactions"`
    Pagination   *models.Pagination    `json:"pagination"`

BPGetTransactionListResponse is the response for method bp_getTransactionList.



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