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package kayak

import ""

Package kayak implements a configurable consistency consensus middleware.


Package Files

callbacks.go caller.go commit.go doc.go log.go processes.go rpc.go runtime.go tracker.go utils.go waiter.go

type Caller Uses

type Caller interface {
    Call(method string, req interface{}, resp interface{}) error

Caller defines the rpc caller, supports mocks for the default rpc.PersistCaller.

type Runtime Uses

type Runtime struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Runtime defines the main kayak Runtime.

func NewRuntime Uses

func NewRuntime(cfg *kt.RuntimeConfig) (rt *Runtime, err error)

NewRuntime creates new kayak Runtime.

func (*Runtime) Apply Uses

func (r *Runtime) Apply(ctx context.Context, req interface{}) (result interface{}, logIndex uint64, err error)

Apply defines entry for Leader node.

func (*Runtime) Fetch Uses

func (r *Runtime) Fetch(ctx context.Context, index uint64) (l *kt.Log, err error)

Fetch defines entry for missing log startFetch.

func (*Runtime) FollowerApply Uses

func (r *Runtime) FollowerApply(l *kt.Log) (err error)

FollowerApply defines entry for follower node.

func (*Runtime) Shutdown Uses

func (r *Runtime) Shutdown() (err error)

Shutdown waits for the Runtime to stop.

func (*Runtime) Start Uses

func (r *Runtime) Start() (err error)

Start starts the Runtime.

func (*Runtime) UpdatePeers Uses

func (r *Runtime) UpdatePeers(peers *proto.Peers) (err error)

UpdatePeers defines entry for peers update logic.


typesPackage types defines required types of kayak.
walPackage wal defines toy implementations of kayak wal.

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