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package adapter

import ""


Package Files


type HTTPAdapter Uses

type HTTPAdapter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

HTTPAdapter is a adapter for covenantsql/alternative sqlite3 service.

func NewHTTPAdapter Uses

func NewHTTPAdapter(listenAddr string, configFile string, adapterUseMirrorAddr string) (adapter *HTTPAdapter, err error)

NewHTTPAdapter creates adapter to service.

func (*HTTPAdapter) Serve Uses

func (adapter *HTTPAdapter) Serve() (err error)

Serve defines adapter serve logic.

func (*HTTPAdapter) Shutdown Uses

func (adapter *HTTPAdapter) Shutdown(ctx context.Context)

Shutdown shutdown the service.


apiPackage api defines the adapter api interface.
configPackage config defines the configuration objects for adapter.
storagePackage storage defines the abstraction layer.

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