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package config

import ""

Package config defines the configuration objects for adapter.


Package Files

config.go doc.go errors.go


var (
    // ErrInvalidStorageConfig defines error on incomplete storage config.
    ErrInvalidStorageConfig = errors.New("invalid storage config")
    // ErrInvalidCertificateFile defines invalid certificate file error.
    ErrInvalidCertificateFile = errors.New("invalid certificate file")

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // server related
    ListenAddr        string          `yaml:"ListenAddr"`
    CertificatePath   string          `yaml:"CertificatePath"`
    PrivateKeyPath    string          `yaml:"PrivateKeyPath"`
    ServerCertificate tls.Certificate `yaml:"-"`
    TLSConfig         *tls.Config     `yaml:"-"`

    // client related
    VerifyCertificate bool                `yaml:"VerifyCertificate"`
    ClientCAPath      string              `yaml:"ClientCAPath"`
    ClientCertPool    *x509.CertPool      `yaml:"-"`
    AdminCertFiles    []string            `yaml:"AdminCerts"`
    WriteCertFiles    []string            `yaml:"WriteCerts"`
    AdminCertificates []*x509.Certificate `yaml:"-"`
    WriteCertificates []*x509.Certificate `yaml:"-"`

    // storage config
    MirrorServer    string          `yaml:"Mirror"`        // use mirror server for queries
    StorageDriver   string          `yaml:"StorageDriver"` // sqlite3 or covenantsql
    StorageRoot     string          `yaml:"StorageRoot"`
    StorageInstance storage.Storage `yaml:"-"`

Config defines adapter specific configuration.

func GetConfig Uses

func GetConfig() *Config

GetConfig returns global initialized config.

func LoadConfig Uses

func LoadConfig(configPath string) (config *Config, err error)

LoadConfig load and verify config in config file (Reuse some global config instance values). Should call conf.LoadConfig before use. e.g client.Init

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