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package worker

import ""

Package worker defines miner node logic for database storage and sql-chain accounting integration.


Package Files

chainbusservice.go db.go db_config.go db_storage.go dbms.go dbms_config.go dbms_meta.go dbms_mux.go dbms_rpc.go doc.go errors.go observer.go


const (
    // StorageFileName defines storage file name of database instance.
    StorageFileName = "storage.db3"

    // KayakWalFileName defines log pool name of database instance.
    KayakWalFileName = "kayak.ldb"

    // SQLChainFileName defines sqlchain storage file name.
    SQLChainFileName = "chain.db"

    // MaxRecordedConnectionSequences defines the max connection slots to anti reply attack.
    MaxRecordedConnectionSequences = 1000

    // PrepareThreshold defines the prepare complete threshold.
    PrepareThreshold = 1.0

    // CommitThreshold defines the commit complete threshold.
    CommitThreshold = 0.0

    // PrepareTimeout defines the prepare timeout config.
    PrepareTimeout = 10 * time.Second

    // CommitTimeout defines the commit timeout config.
    CommitTimeout = time.Minute

    // LogWaitTimeout defines the missing log wait timeout config.
    LogWaitTimeout = 10 * time.Second

    // SlowQuerySampleSize defines the maximum slow query log size (default: 1KB).
    SlowQuerySampleSize = 1 << 10
const (
    // DBKayakRPCName defines rpc service name of database internal consensus.
    DBKayakRPCName = "DBC" // aka. database consensus

    // DBMetaFileName defines dbms meta file name.
    DBMetaFileName = "db.meta"

    // DefaultSlowQueryTime defines the default slow query log time
    DefaultSlowQueryTime = time.Second * 5
const (
    // DBKayakApplyMethodName defines the database kayak apply rpc method name.
    DBKayakApplyMethodName = "Apply"
    // DBKayakFetchMethodName defines the database kayak fetch rpc method name.
    DBKayakFetchMethodName = "Fetch"


var (
    // ErrInvalidRequest defines invalid request structure during request.
    ErrInvalidRequest = errors.New("invalid request supplied")
    // ErrInvalidRequestSeq defines invalid sequence no of request.
    ErrInvalidRequestSeq = errors.New("invalid request sequence applied")
    // ErrAlreadyExists defines error on re-creating existing database instance.
    ErrAlreadyExists = errors.New("database instance already exists")
    // ErrNotExists defines errors on manipulating a non-exists database instance.
    ErrNotExists = errors.New("database instance not exists")
    // ErrInvalidDBConfig defines errors on received invalid db config from block producer.
    ErrInvalidDBConfig = errors.New("invalid database configuration")
    // ErrSpaceLimitExceeded defines errors on disk space exceeding limit.
    ErrSpaceLimitExceeded = errors.New("space limit exceeded")
    // ErrUnknownMuxRequest indicates that the a multiplexing request endpoint is not found.
    ErrUnknownMuxRequest = errors.New("unknown multiplexing request")
    // ErrPermissionDeny indicates that the requester has no permission to send read or write query.
    ErrPermissionDeny = errors.New("permission deny")
    // ErrInvalidPermission indicates that the requester sends a unrecognized permission.
    ErrInvalidPermission = errors.New("invalid permission")
    // ErrInvalidTransactionType indicates that the transaction type is invalid.
    ErrInvalidTransactionType = errors.New("invalid transaction type")
var (
    // DefaultMaxReqTimeGap defines max time gap between request and server.
    DefaultMaxReqTimeGap = time.Minute

type BusService Uses

type BusService struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

BusService defines the man chain bus service type.

func NewBusService Uses

func NewBusService(
    ctx context.Context, addr proto.AccountAddress, checkInterval time.Duration) (_ *BusService,

NewBusService creates a new chain bus instance.

func (*BusService) GetCurrentDBMapping Uses

func (bs *BusService) GetCurrentDBMapping() (dbMap map[proto.DatabaseID]*types.SQLChainProfile)

GetCurrentDBMapping returns current cached db mapping.

func (*BusService) RequestPermStat Uses

func (bs *BusService) RequestPermStat(
    dbID proto.DatabaseID, user proto.AccountAddress) (permStat *types.PermStat, ok bool,

RequestPermStat fetches permission state from bus service.

func (*BusService) RequestSQLProfile Uses

func (bs *BusService) RequestSQLProfile(dbID proto.DatabaseID) (p *types.SQLChainProfile, ok bool)

RequestSQLProfile get specified database profile.

func (*BusService) Start Uses

func (bs *BusService) Start()

Start starts a chain bus service.

func (*BusService) Stop Uses

func (bs *BusService) Stop()

Stop stops the chain bus service.

type DBConfig Uses

type DBConfig struct {
    DatabaseID             proto.DatabaseID
    RootDir                string
    DataDir                string
    KayakMux               *DBKayakMuxService
    ChainMux               *sqlchain.MuxService
    MaxWriteTimeGap        time.Duration
    EncryptionKey          string
    SpaceLimit             uint64
    UpdateBlockCount       uint64
    LastBillingHeight      int32
    UseEventualConsistency bool
    ConsistencyLevel       float64
    IsolationLevel         int
    SlowQueryTime          time.Duration

DBConfig defines the database config.

type DBKayakMuxService Uses

type DBKayakMuxService struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DBKayakMuxService defines a mux service for sqlchain kayak.

func NewDBKayakMuxService Uses

func NewDBKayakMuxService(serviceName string, server *rpc.Server) (s *DBKayakMuxService, err error)

NewDBKayakMuxService returns a new kayak mux service.

func (*DBKayakMuxService) Apply Uses

func (s *DBKayakMuxService) Apply(req *kt.ApplyRequest, _ *interface{}) (err error)

Apply handles kayak apply call.

func (*DBKayakMuxService) Fetch Uses

func (s *DBKayakMuxService) Fetch(req *kt.FetchRequest, resp *kt.FetchResponse) (err error)

Fetch handles kayak fetch call.

type DBMS Uses

type DBMS struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DBMS defines a database management instance.

func NewDBMS Uses

func NewDBMS(cfg *DBMSConfig) (dbms *DBMS, err error)

NewDBMS returns new database management instance.

func (*DBMS) Ack Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) Ack(ack *types.Ack) (err error)

Ack handles ack of previous response.

func (*DBMS) Create Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) Create(instance *types.ServiceInstance, cleanup bool) (err error)

Create add new database to the miner dbms.

func (*DBMS) Drop Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) Drop(dbID proto.DatabaseID) (err error)

Drop remove database from the miner dbms.

func (*DBMS) Init Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) Init() (err error)

Init defines dbms init logic.

func (*DBMS) Query Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) Query(req *types.Request) (res *types.Response, err error)

Query handles query request in dbms.

func (*DBMS) Shutdown Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) Shutdown() (err error)

Shutdown defines dbms shutdown logic.

func (*DBMS) Update Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) Update(instance *types.ServiceInstance) (err error)

Update apply the new peers config to dbms.

func (*DBMS) UpdatePermission Uses

func (dbms *DBMS) UpdatePermission(dbID proto.DatabaseID, user proto.AccountAddress, permStat *types.PermStat) (err error)

UpdatePermission exports the update permission interface for test.

type DBMSConfig Uses

type DBMSConfig struct {
    RootDir          string
    Server           *mux.Server
    DirectServer     *rpc.Server // optional server to provide DBMS service
    MaxReqTimeGap    time.Duration
    OnCreateDatabase func()

DBMSConfig defines the local multi-database management system config.

type DBMSMeta Uses

type DBMSMeta struct {
    DBS map[proto.DatabaseID]bool

DBMSMeta defines the meta structure.

func NewDBMSMeta Uses

func NewDBMSMeta() (meta *DBMSMeta)

NewDBMSMeta returns new DBMSMeta struct.

type DBMSRPCService Uses

type DBMSRPCService struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DBMSRPCService is the rpc endpoint of database management.

func NewDBMSRPCService Uses

func NewDBMSRPCService(
    serviceName string, server *mux.Server, direct *rpc.Server, dbms *DBMS,
) (
    service *DBMSRPCService,

NewDBMSRPCService returns new dbms rpc service endpoint.

func (*DBMSRPCService) Ack Uses

func (rpc *DBMSRPCService) Ack(ack *types.Ack, _ *types.AckResponse) (err error)

Ack rpc, called by client to confirm read request.

func (*DBMSRPCService) Deploy Uses

func (rpc *DBMSRPCService) Deploy(req *types.UpdateService, _ *types.UpdateServiceResponse) (err error)

Deploy rpc, called by BP to create/drop database and update peers.

func (*DBMSRPCService) ObserverFetchBlock Uses

func (rpc *DBMSRPCService) ObserverFetchBlock(req *ObserverFetchBlockReq, resp *ObserverFetchBlockResp) (err error)

ObserverFetchBlock handles observer fetch block logic.

func (*DBMSRPCService) Query Uses

func (rpc *DBMSRPCService) Query(req *types.Request, res *types.Response) (err error)

Query rpc, called by client to issue read/write query.

type Database Uses

type Database struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Database defines a single database instance in worker runtime.

func NewDatabase Uses

func NewDatabase(cfg *DBConfig, peers *proto.Peers,
    genesis *types.Block) (db *Database, err error)

NewDatabase create a single database instance using config.

func (*Database) Ack Uses

func (db *Database) Ack(ack *types.Ack) (err error)

Ack defines client response ack interface.

func (*Database) Check Uses

func (db *Database) Check(rawReq interface{}) (err error)

Check implements kayak.types.Handler.Check.

func (*Database) Commit Uses

func (db *Database) Commit(rawReq interface{}, isLeader bool) (result interface{}, err error)

Commit implements kayak.types.Handler.Commit.

func (*Database) DecodePayload Uses

func (db *Database) DecodePayload(data []byte) (request interface{}, err error)

DecodePayload implements kayak.types.Handler.DecodePayload.

func (*Database) Destroy Uses

func (db *Database) Destroy() (err error)

Destroy stop database instance and destroy all data/meta.

func (*Database) EncodePayload Uses

func (db *Database) EncodePayload(request interface{}) (data []byte, err error)

EncodePayload implements kayak.types.Handler.EncodePayload.

func (*Database) Query Uses

func (db *Database) Query(request *types.Request) (response *types.Response, err error)

Query defines database query interface.

func (*Database) Shutdown Uses

func (db *Database) Shutdown() (err error)

Shutdown stop database handles and stop service the database.

func (*Database) UpdatePeers Uses

func (db *Database) UpdatePeers(peers *proto.Peers) (err error)

UpdatePeers defines peers update query interface.

type ObserverFetchBlockReq Uses

type ObserverFetchBlockReq struct {
    Count int32 // sqlchain block serial number since genesis block (0)

ObserverFetchBlockReq defines the request for observer to fetch block.

type ObserverFetchBlockResp Uses

type ObserverFetchBlockResp struct {
    Count int32 // sqlchain block serial number since genesis block (0)
    Block *types.Block

ObserverFetchBlockResp defines the response for observer to fetch block.

type TrackerAndResponse Uses

type TrackerAndResponse struct {
    Tracker  *x.QueryTracker
    Response *types.Response

TrackerAndResponse defines a query tracker used by xenomint and an unsigned response.

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