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package testing

import "github.com/CyrusBiotechnology/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/pod/testing"


Package Files


type FakeMirrorClient Uses

type FakeMirrorClient struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFakeMirrorClient Uses

func NewFakeMirrorClient() *FakeMirrorClient

func (*FakeMirrorClient) CreateMirrorPod Uses

func (fmc *FakeMirrorClient) CreateMirrorPod(pod *api.Pod) error

func (*FakeMirrorClient) DeleteMirrorPod Uses

func (fmc *FakeMirrorClient) DeleteMirrorPod(podFullName string) error

func (*FakeMirrorClient) GetCounts Uses

func (fmc *FakeMirrorClient) GetCounts(podFullName string) (int, int)

func (*FakeMirrorClient) GetPods Uses

func (fmc *FakeMirrorClient) GetPods() []string

func (*FakeMirrorClient) HasPod Uses

func (fmc *FakeMirrorClient) HasPod(podFullName string) bool

func (*FakeMirrorClient) NumOfPods Uses

func (fmc *FakeMirrorClient) NumOfPods() int

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