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package runes

import ""


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func Aggregate Uses

func Aggregate(candicate [][]rune) (same []rune, size int)

func Backspace Uses

func Backspace(r []rune) []byte

func ColorFilter Uses

func ColorFilter(r []rune) []rune

func Copy Uses

func Copy(r []rune) []rune

func Equal Uses

func Equal(a, b []rune) bool

func HasPrefix Uses

func HasPrefix(r, prefix []rune) bool

func Index Uses

func Index(r rune, rs []rune) int

func IndexAll Uses

func IndexAll(r, sub []rune) int

Search in runes from front to end

func IndexAllBck Uses

func IndexAllBck(r, sub []rune) int

Search in runes from end to front

func Width Uses

func Width(r rune) int

func WidthAll Uses

func WidthAll(r []rune) (length int)

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