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package operations

import ""


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type Conts Uses

type Conts struct {
    Contents []block.Contents `json:"contents"`
    Branch   string           `json:"branch"`

Conts is helper structure to build out the contents of a a transfer operation to post to the Tezos RPC

type OperationService Uses

type OperationService struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

OperationService is a struct wrapper for operation related functions

func NewOperationService Uses

func NewOperationService(blockService block.TezosBlockService, tzclient tzc.TezosClient) *OperationService

NewOperationService returns a New Operation Service

func (*OperationService) CreateBatchPayment Uses

func (o *OperationService) CreateBatchPayment(payments []delegate.Payment, wallet account.Wallet, paymentFee int, gasLimit int, batchSize int) ([]string, error)

CreateBatchPayment forges batch payments and returns them ready to inject to a Tezos RPC. PaymentFee must be expressed in mutez and the max batch size allowed is 200.

func (*OperationService) GetBlockOperationHashes Uses

func (o *OperationService) GetBlockOperationHashes(id interface{}) ([]string, error)

GetBlockOperationHashes returns list of operations in block at specific level

func (*OperationService) InjectOperation Uses

func (o *OperationService) InjectOperation(op string) ([]byte, error)

InjectOperation injects an signed operation string and returns the response

type TezosOperationsService Uses

type TezosOperationsService interface {
    CreateBatchPayment(payments []delegate.Payment, wallet account.Wallet, paymentFee int, gaslimit int, batchSize int) ([]string, error)
    InjectOperation(op string) ([]byte, error)
    GetBlockOperationHashes(id interface{}) ([]string, error)

type Transfer Uses

type Transfer struct {
    Protocol  string `json:"protocol"`
    Signature string `json:"signature"`

Transfer a complete transfer request

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