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Command api-server

Package apiserver starts the DevMine projects API server.

Package Files



apiPackage api handles api-server routes, via its sub-packages except for the root route which is handled by root.go.
api/featuresPackage features handles /features...
api/repositoriesPackage repositories handles /repositories...
api/searchPackage search handles /search...
api/statsPackage stats handles /stats...
api/usersPackage users handles all /users...
cachePackage cache provides caching.
configPackage config takes care of the configuration file parsing.
modelPackage model provides data models.
scorePackage score provides a way to rank users based on their features scores and a user query.
srvPackage srv provides utilities and functions to make the server running possible.
srv/contextPackage context creates a context to pass to each api-server route handlers functions.
util/apiutilPackage apiutil provides various functions meant to be used by handlers from the api package.
util/httputilPackage httputil provides utilities useful when dealing with http responses.
util/jsonPackage json provides json marshaling functions that do not return any error but may panic if something bad occurs.
util/pgutilPackage pgutil provides utilities to deal with PostgreSQL specific data types.
util/typeutilPackage typeutil provide useful type conversion functions.

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