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package pgutil

import "github.com/DevMine/api-server/util/pgutil"

Package pgutil provides utilities to deal with PostgreSQL specific data types.


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func ParsePgArray Uses

func ParsePgArray(array string) []string

ParsePgArray parses the output string from the array type. Regex used: (((?P<value>(([^",\\{}\s(NULL)])+|"([^"\\]|\\"|\\\\)*")))(,)?) Thanks to adharris: https://gist.github.com/adharris/4163702

func ParsePgRow Uses

func ParsePgRow(row string) []string

ParsePgRow a pg row which looks like "(12,\"foo, bar\", 12)" (unquoted)

func TimestampTZToTime Uses

func TimestampTZToTime(t string) (time.Time, error)

TimestampTZToTime converts a pg timestamp with timezone datetime formatted string to a time.Time

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