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package typeutil

import "github.com/DevMine/api-server/util/typeutil"

Package typeutil provide useful type conversion functions. All numbers are considered base 10 int64 or float64.


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func IntToStr Uses

func IntToStr(n int64) string

IntToStr converts 'n' base 10 number to its string representation.

func StrToFloat Uses

func StrToFloat(s string) (f float64, err error)

StrToFloat converts 's' into its float64 form. 's' is expected to be a float in its string representation.

func StrToInt Uses

func StrToInt(s string) (n int64, err error)

StrToInt converts 's' into its int64 form. 's' is expected to contain digits only.

func StrToUint Uses

func StrToUint(s string) (n uint64, err error)

StrToUint converts 's' into its uint64 form. 's' is expected to contain digits only.

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