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package config

import "github.com/DevMine/featscomp/config"

Package config takes care of the configuration file parsing.


Package Files


type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Database DatabaseConfig `json:"database"`
    Features FeaturesConfig `json:"features"`

Config is the main configuration structure.

func ReadConfig Uses

func ReadConfig(path string) (*Config, error)

ReadConfig reads a JSON formatted configuration file, verifies the values of the configuration parameters and fills the Config structure.

type DatabaseConfig Uses

type DatabaseConfig struct {
    HostName string `json:"hostname"`
    Port     int    `json:"port"`
    UserName string `json:"username"`
    Password string `json:"password"`
    DBName   string `json:"dbname"`

    // Can take values: disable, require, verify-ca or verify-full
    SSLMode string `json:"ssl_mode"`

DatabaseConfig is a configuration for PostgreSQL database connection information

type FeaturesConfig Uses

type FeaturesConfig struct {
    AverageForks       bool `json:"average_forks"`
    AverageStars       bool `json:"average_stars"`
    CommitsCount       bool `json:"commits_count"`
    ContributionsCount bool `json:"contributions_count"`
    FollowersCount     bool `json:"followers_count"`
    Hireable           bool `json:"hireable"`

FeaturesConfig is used to specify some which features to compute.

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