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package features

import "github.com/DevMine/featscomp/features"

Package features provides various features implementations.


Package Files

average_forks.go average_stars.go commits_count.go contributions_count.go features.go followers_count.go hireable.go

func NewAverageForks Uses

func NewAverageForks(name string, db *sql.DB) (*averageForks, error)

NewAverageForks creates a new average forks feature.

func NewAverageStars Uses

func NewAverageStars(name string, db *sql.DB) (*averageStars, error)

NewAverageStars creates a new average stars feature.

func NewCommitsCount Uses

func NewCommitsCount(name string, db *sql.DB) (*commitsCount, error)

NewCommitsCount creates a new commits count feature.

func NewContributionsCount Uses

func NewContributionsCount(name string, db *sql.DB) (*contributionsCount, error)

NewContributionsCount creates a new contributions count feature.

func NewFollowersCount Uses

func NewFollowersCount(name string, db *sql.DB) (*followersCount, error)

NewFollowersCount creates a new followers count feature.

func NewHireable Uses

func NewHireable(name string, db *sql.DB) (*hireable, error)

NewHireable creates a new hireable feature.

type Feature Uses

type Feature interface {
    // Score computes the scores of a feature.
    Score() error

    // Name returns the name of a feature.
    Name() string

Feature interface must be implemented by all features.

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