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package model

import ""

Package model provides data models related to source code repositories.


Package Files

commit.go developer.go diff_delta.go model.go repository.go


var (
    StatusAdded    = "added"
    StatusDeleted  = "deleted"
    StatusModified = "modified"
    StatusRenamed  = "renamed"
    StatusCopied   = "copied"

Status of a file touched by a commit.

type Commit Uses

type Commit struct {
    // VCSID represents the VCS interanl identification of a commit.
    // In the case of Git, for instance, it is the commit SHA.
    VCSID string `json:"vcs_id"`

    // Message represents the commits message.
    Message string `json:"message"`

    // Author represents the developer that authored the changes made
    // in the commit.
    Author Developer `json:"author"`

    // Committer represents the developer that commited the changes.
    // Most of the time, the committer is also the author.
    Committer Developer `json:"committer"`

    // AuthorDate represents the date when the commit was created.
    AuthorDate time.Time `json:"author_date"`

    // CommitDate represents the date when the commit was committed.
    CommitDate time.Time `json:"commit_date"`

    // DiffDelta represents the changes maed by the commit.
    DiffDelta []DiffDelta `json:"diff_delta,omitempty"`

    // FileChangedCount reprensents how many files have been touched by the
    // commit.
    FileChangedCount int `json:"file_changed_count"`

    // InsertionsCount represents how many new lines have been added.
    InsertionsCount int `json:"insertions_count"`

    // DeletionsCount represents how many lines have been removed.
    DeletionsCount int `json:"deletions_count"`

Commit is a representation of a VCS commit.

type Developer Uses

type Developer struct {
    // Name represents the name of a developer.
    Name string `json:"name"`

    // Email is the email of a developer.
    Email string `json:"email"`

Developer represents someone linked to a source code repository, be it either as a commiter or commit author (which is not mutually exclusive).

type DiffDelta Uses

type DiffDelta struct {
    // Patch represents the difference between a commit and its parent.
    Patch *string `json:"patch,omitempty"`

    // Status gives information about whether the file has been added, deleted
    // modified, renamed of copied.
    Status *string `json:"status,omitempty"`

    // Binary gives information about whether the file is a binary or not.
    Binary *bool `json:"binary,omitempty"`

    // Similarity is a score that indicates how similar the file is from its
    // state in the previous commit.
    // A similarity score is a value between 0 and 100 indicating how similar
    // the old and new files are. The higher the value, the more similar the
    // files are.
    Similarity *uint `json:"similarity,omitempty"`

    // OldFilePath represents the path to the old file.
    OldFilePath *string `json:"old_file_path,omitempty"`

    // NewFilePath represents the path to the new file.
    NewFilePath *string `json:"new_file_path,omitempty"`

DiffDelta represents a delta difference between a commit and its parent.

type Repository Uses

type Repository struct {
    // Name is the name of the repository.
    Name string `json:"name"`

    // VCS is the VCS type of the repository (Git, Mercurial, ...).
    VCS string `json:"vcs"`

    // CloneURL represents the URL from which the repository was cloned.
    CloneURL string `json:"clone_url"`

    // ClonePath is the absolute path to which the repository was cloned
    // on the file system.
    ClonePath string `json:"clone_path"`

    // DefaultBranch is the branch that was active when the repository
    // information were obtained..
    DefaultBranch string `json:"default_branch"`

    // Commits is the list of commits of a repository.
    // Note that only the commit of the default branch are retrieved.
    Commits []Commit `json:"commits"`

Repository represents a source code repository.

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